"I'm perplexed": Logan Paul responds to Candace Owens' challenge and reveals he is considering debating her

Logan Paul has been open about his support for the Black Lives Matter movement (Image via Logan Paul/Instagram)
Logan Paul has been open about his support for the Black Lives Matter movement (Image via Logan Paul/Instagram)

A clip from Logan Paul's Impaulsive podcast recently resurfaced where he acknowledged Candace Owens's debate challenge. The latter had called out the celebrity YouTuber turned boxer for a video he published in 2020, where he stated his support for Black Lives Matter.

In a tweet, Owens openly stated for Logan Paul to stop by her show and explain how he was "more privileged than [her] because you're white and [she's] not?"

Candace Owens is a well-known debater and has been well-aligned with the Republican party with her political views. The video she challenged was of Logan Paul giving a speech about anti-racism.

Paul referenced himself as being a white man and holding a privilege because of it. The internet personality stated that he, along with others, could use it as an advantage to be anti-racist.

"And for those who do not think white privilege exists, you are f***ing blind. You are delusional, and you are part of the problem. Acknowledge and weaponize your privilege."

Logan Paul's response to Candace Owens' challenge

The 26-year-old acknowledged and read Owens's tweet calling him to a debate challenge.

"I'm perplexed, to say the least. And I started to entertain this action, I ended up speaking with her, and there may be a future where we sit down and have a civil discourse because I think there's some meat on its bones. I really do. She's obviously an expert when it comes to debate. I'm obviously a, you know, f***ing idiot for the most part, but I think part of my shtick is I'm able to educate myself because as much as I joke about it, I do care about this, and I do have a semi-intelligent brain. I believe I could hold my own."

Logan Paul attempted to explain the situation before he made his statement. He mentioned his video supporting Black Lives Matter resurfaced, but towards the wrong audience, and he began receiving negative attention for "not being racist."

The Ohio native was confused at the sentiment he received following his video, where co-host Mike Maljak attempted to make a joke stating:

"There's nothing more 2021 than a person of color, Candace Owens, calling out a white man for standing up for persons of color."

Logan Paul did not comment further on the possibility of a debate with Candace Owens at the time of the article. She has not commented on the former's recognition of her call out as well.

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