"I'm shooting and I can't stop"— TikToker Ali Abulaban says he "snapped" after seeing his estranged wife cuddling with another man

Ali Abulaban (image via Facebook/JinnKid)
Ali Abulaban (image via Facebook/JinnKid)

TikTok star Ali Abulaban was accused of killing his wife, Ana Abulaban, and her friend, Rayburn Cadenas Barron, on October 21, 2021 in San Diego. On May 22, in court, he described the moment he shot the two, picking up his daughter from school and calling 911, as reported by NBC7.

Ali Abulaban had amassed nearly a million followers on his TikTok account, JinnKid, where he did fun impressions of various celebrities and iconic fictitious characters, like Scarface's Tony Montana.

The social media personality already had a history of domestic violence with his wife, and she had asked for a restraining order against Ali. Thereafter, Ana asked him to move out on October 18 and he sought refuge in a hotel.

"I couldn't take the [expletive] betrayal," Ali Abulaban testified in the court. Thereafter, he talked about the murder. "I'm shooting and I can't stop."

Ali Abulaban claimed that he 'snapped' before killing his wife and her friend cuddling


Almost three years after the death of his wife and her friend, Ali Abulaban testified on Wednesday (May 22). As per The New York Post, Ali testified that he planted a recording device on his daughter's iPad inside his wife's apartment because he wanted to record her cheating.

A few moments later, Abulaban heard the voice of a man laughing from the recording device and Ana's voice.

"Immediately, I'm like, oh my god, that's Ana, who's that man? Freaking out. I feel like I caught Bigfoot or something. I'm freaking out," testified Ali Abulaban, who had thought that his wife was cheating on him at that time.

The TikToker reportedly did a 'couple bumps' of cocaine and drove at 90 miles an hour towards his wife's apartment, hoping to catch them intimate. To make matters worse, he had a gun on him at that time. Abulaban admitted that he was desperate to catch them red-handed and was freaking out because he was 'double-nostrilling' cocaine. Abulaban said that it was the single highest dose of cocaine he'd ever done.

"I heard that they were making fun of me, like, 'Did Ali make this mess?' She said, 'Yeah, and he bought me these cheap ass flowers.' Let me tell you, when you hear your wife talk s--t about you to an undisclosed man, that's [expletive] painful," Abulaban confessed.

Ali testified that he saw them 'cuddling on the couch' when he entered the house.

"I didn't expect Ana would ever do that to me. Him of all people. She knew how I felt about him. She knew how I felt. I was trying to believe that she wasn't cheating on me, that she would let me fix this because I was sick," explained Ali Abulaban, appearing emotional.

He went on to explain the debacle as a 'betrayal' to him and his daughter.

Before I could stop myself, I just [expletive] snapped," Ali explained the shooting.

The accused explained that his body wasn't in his control and it was like he was 'in the passenger seat of my own body.'

On asked whether he intended to kill them, Ali declined. He confessed that he wasn't sure what he had committed and was still not able to process the whole situation.

Ali called his parents and told them about the incident, but he explained that they didn't believe him at that time. With no other option, the TikToker called '911' to get medical help for Ana and Ray. He was also concerned about his daughter, who was alone at school and was supposed to be picked up by Ana.

"I didn't want to leave her there and have her watch all the kids get picked up by their parents. I knew I had to turn myself in. I wanted to at least secure her," explained Ali to the jurors.

After picking his daughter up, she asked about the whereabouts of her mother.

"I hurt Mommy," replied Ali Abulaban.

The immediate cause that led to Ali Abulaban's crimes, according to him

In his testimony on May 22, the TikToker claimed that he was giving 'space' to his wife and stayed in a nearby hotel.

On October 21, 2021, Abulaban reportedly sent some flowers and groceries to her wife's apartment, hoping to get a positive response to the gesture. However, the response was 'short' and 'dismissive' according to the accused. That coerced him to 'go talk to her', and he was reportedly high on cocaine.

Abulaban drove to her apartment, but Ana wasn't there. He reportedly discovered the groceries on the counter and the roses crushed under her makeup bag. According to him, it made the accused feel like she had gone to see someone else and didn't care for him.

He began recording himself, paranoid about the situation. The recording was played on court. It was apparently recorded when he was texting Ana, who claimed that she was at home at that time.

"She's [expletive] lying, I'm at home! As I [expletive] suspected, she's cheating on me. [expletive] cheating on me. She says she's home, she's not home. She won't answer my phone. Alright Ana, you wanna [expletive] cheat on me ... alright ... she blocked me, you blocked your husband, you're cheating on me!" shouted Ali in the recording.

Ali Abulaban admitted that it was the incident that 'set me off.'

Ali Abulaban's case is still ongoing.

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