“I am still in SHOCK”: The Voice season 22 furious after Parijita gets eliminated 

Parijita Bastola from The Voice  (Image via Instagram/@paijitab)
Parijita Bastola from The Voice (Image via Instagram/@paijitab)

The Voice season 22 returned for an all-new episode on Tuesday night, December 6, 2022, at 8 pm ET/ 7 pm CT. It was a night filled with shocking results as the famed reality TV series revealed the Top 5 contestants who made it to the grand finale after receiving the highest number of votes.

Out of the eight artists who performed on Monday night, four advanced to the grand finale automatically after they received the highest number of votes for America. The remaining four artists in the bottom had one last chance to perform for the Instant Save wildcard.

Coaches Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani, John Legend, and Camila Cabello returned to their seats, rooting for their team. But sadly, they had no say in the results. The first four contestants who made it through automatically were Bryden Lape, Morgan Myles, Bodie, and Bryce Leatherwood.

The remaining four bottom contestants, Omar Jose Cardonna, Justin Aaron, Parijita Bastola, and Kim Cruse had to perform one last time for America's vote. Ultimately, the last person to advance to the finale was Omar. The remaining three were eliminated from The Voice.

Upon witnessing Parijita being eliminated from The Voice season 22 fans were shocked, and took to social media to share their opinions. Many claimed that Parijita deserved to be in the grand finale and was robbed of the chance.

Fans upset after Parijita Bastola gets eliminated from The Voice season 22, ahead of the grand finale

Taking to Twitter, fans claimed that Parijita deserved to be in the grand finale. Many also added that they were shocked because they predicted that she would advance in the show, since she was a front runner all season long.

Here are some reactions from Twitter:

Here's a brief recap on what happened this week on The Voice season 22 live semifinal eliminations

Out of the eight contestants that remained, only four made it to the grand finale automatically. Luckily for team Blake, all his three contestants made it through after receiving the highest number of votes. Although Camilla had only one member in her team, she also managed to wow the viewers after her performance on Monday night, and therefore advanced in the competition.

The remaining bottom four had to sing a song of their choice one last time, vying for America's vote. Parijita performed her rendition of To Make You Feel My Love by Bob Dylan. For the first time in the entire season, she didn't seem to be her usual composed and confident self. It definitely wasn't her best performance this season.

Her coach John Legend called her performance gorgeous and complimented The Voice contestant for rising to every occasion presented to her despite the situation. After all four contestants performed, the voting lines were open for five minutes and viewers at home had the chance to vote for their favourite contestant.

Ultimately, it was Omar from John Legends' team who went through to the grand finale. Apart from the bottom four performances, Carley Pearce also made a guest appearance and performed one of her hit singles.

Next week, The Voice will return for its grand finale, where one contestant will walk away with the coveted title.

The Voice season 22 airs every Monday and Tuesday night only on NBC. Readers can check their local listings for more information.

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