Irpin bridge video: Family killed in shelling while trying to flee Ukrainian city

Eight people have died in Irpin amidst the ongoing Russia-Ukraine crisis (Image via Getty Images/AFP)
Eight people have died in Irpin amidst the ongoing Russia-Ukraine crisis (Image via Getty Images/AFP)

Ukraine's Irpin saw eight people being reportedly killed by Russian shelling as they tried to run away from the town, which is located northwest of Kyiv.

Irpin's mayor, Oleksandr Markushyn, revealed that two of the casualties included children belonging to the same family, further adding that eight people have died in total. As per reports, the victims were killed on the afternoon of March 6 after Russian mortar shells hit an already damaged bridge while they were attempting to cross it.

Media outlets posted photos of dead bodies lying on the streets of the town, covered with sheets. However, it was unclear whether they were among those in question.

All the emotions of these days in one photo. The Ukrainian military carries a child near the destroyed bridge in Irpin.#StandWithUkraine️ Photo: Timothy Fadek/Redux for CNN

Despite heavy Russian bombardment, Ukrainian troops bolstered defenses around Kyiv on March 6. They dug trenches, blocked roads, and coordinated with civil defense units.

Although fighting has been sparse in the capital so far, fierce battles have raged in surrounding towns and villages.

Irpin has suffered major losses during the Russia-Ukraine conflict

The town of Irpin, 16 miles northwest of Kyiv, has been heavily bombarded by artillery and airstrikes, resulting in damage to roads, bridges, and residential buildings.

Several people crossed the river on foot and even in wheelbarrows over the remains of the bridge and left town on March 6.

Russians have shelled this bridge between Irpin and Kyiv where civilians are trying to flee. 122 mm mortars deliberately used. There are civilian fatalities.#StandForUkraine #ukraine #ukrainewartoday #ukrainwarreport #UkraineRussia #ukrajinarat #Україна

With the help of Ukrainian soldiers, they carried pets, infants, purses, and bags stuffed with basic belongings. The elderly and weak were carried along the path in blankets and carts. Local residents took cover when missiles struck nearby.

Residents and soldiers helped the elderly rush to a bus filled with terrified residents, some cowering as they waited for help.

Another Ukrainian city, Mariupol, has suspended the evacuation of its citizens for the second day in a row because of Russian shelling.

According to President Vladimir Putin, his campaign is proceeding according to plan and will continue until the fighting stops in Ukraine.

According to UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi, more than 1.5 million people have fled Ukraine for neighboring countries during the Russia-Ukraine conflict, the fastest-growing refugee crisis in Europe since World War II.

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