Who is Katie Thurston? All you need to know about The Bachelorette fame

Katie Thurston who is the lead in The Bachelorette Season 17
Katie Thurston who is the lead in The Bachelorette Season 17
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Katie Thurston’s entry on "The Bachelor" Season 25 was able to catch viewers’ attention. She then appeared on "Bachelorette" Season 17. The 30-year-old popular American television personality is also a bank marketing manager. Katie Thurston was raised in Lynnwood, Washington, and has been a libero of the volleyball team at Lynnwood High School.

As a contestant on "The Bachelor" Season 25, Katie finished in 11th place after being eliminated in week 6. But she became a fan favorite for standing up against bullying in the house. Katie Thurston and Michelle Young were the leads of "The Bachelorette" Season 17.

Katie sparked online controversy when she whipped out her sparkly vibrator while introducing herself to Matt James on the first night of "The Bachelor". Despite being eliminated, Katie was named as the star of Season 17 by ABC. In an interview with US Weekly, Katie said,

“I wanted it to be a safe space for everyone and allow people to speak up when they wanted to. And I mean, there’s going to be drama when you have all the guys dating one woman. But I will say there’s also a lot of really endearing parts that I really hope Bachelor Nation gets to see because the bromance of this group of men was very strong.”

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The life of Katie Thurston

Katie Thurston has a large fan following on TikTok for her adult humor and sex-positive videos. Katie's official "Bachelor" bio says that she knows exactly what she wants in a man. The bio further says that she is searching for a mature man who has the aim to succeed in whatever he does, personally as well as professionally.

As mentioned earlier, Katie is also a bank marketing manager. But she doesn’t rely on her job for fulfillment. According to her Instagram post on her 30th birthday,

“Life really does pass by quickly. … I followed ‘the rules’ of life. Get the career. Save the money. Start that 401k. Buy the house. And for what? An entire decade to pass without feeling fulfilled? This past year, I finally unapologetically loved who I am. I lost people along the way. And that’s OK.”

Katie says her experience in banking has also helped her on her "Bachelorette" journey. Katie memorized all the contestants’ names on day 1. She comes from a financial background where she has to remember her customers by face and name. Maybe that’s the reason behind Katie’s strong memory.

Katie Thurston about the vibrator controversy

Katie expected criticism when she wielded her vibrator on national TV. In a recent episode of the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast, she said she was aware of the consequences. She knew that this could send her home.

“I would have no regrets because it really summarizes who I am as a person, my sense of humor, my confidence, my sexual empowerment for females. I didn’t know what to expect [from Matt] when I did my little stunt. But he laughed. And I just felt like this huge weight lifted off of me after that.”

Katie Thurston is a pet lover. Katie is often seen posing on Instagram with her cat Tommy. In terms of "The Bachelorette" Season 17, Katie says that her journey will bring up playful and serious conversations about grief, marriage, and sex with a diverse cast who have a lot of amazing stories to share. "The Bachelorette" Season 17 premiered on Monday, June 7, on ABC at 8 p.m.

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