"She doesn't want to be famous": KSI defends his girlfriend after RiceGum refers to their relationship as a 'waste of clout' 

Image via Instagram/ksi and Instagram/rice
Image via Instagram/ksi and Instagram/rice

On June 27th, YouTuber KSI uploaded a video titled "Ricegum is so salty." In the video, KSI reviews new posts from his self-titled Reddit page. Most of the Reddit posts relate to KSI's latest single titled "Holiday" and insider memes of KSI's fanbase.

The video then shifted to a meme where a fan called Ricegum "salty," for his comments about KSI's music. KSI then went to Ricegum's previous stream where he spoke about KSI and his music "getting boring."

"Bro, he has had a girlfriend and she's not, you know, she was alright. I think she was a normal person, it's just a waste of clout, bro. You guys date normal girls."

KSI then exited out of the video to exclaim: "What the f--k have I just listened to?"

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KSI's response to Ricegum's comments

"So, my man is going in on me for having a normal girlfriend. What does that even mean? What, because I don't have a girlfriend that is super famous or, you know, is popping on TikTok or has an OnlyFans or has millions of subscribers on YouTube or millions of followers on Instagram? What, that makes me weird, that makes me a loser?"

KSI followed his response by stating that Ricegum "has got life all wrong." KSI then returned to the video where Ricegum repeated that it was a "waste of clout" and "you might as well turn up."

KSI repeated the same statement, asking what a "waste of clout" meant.

"You're a waste of clout. F--k off, why are you still a thing?"

Ricegum continued in the video, claiming that Bryce Hall and himself were "showing off [their] girl[s]." KSI claimed that the whole situation of "showing off [your] girl as if they're f--king objects or trophies" was weird.

"I really hope people don't have this mentality when it comes to their significant other, man. LIke, that's not how you're meant to do things. Getting a partner is not a competition...You find someone that you love and enjoy their company. Why is he making it weird?"

Towards the end of the segment, KSI stated that he wanted to keep his relationship and girlfriend private. "She doesn't want to be famous, she just wants to do her job, help people and leave it at that," KSI added before stating that Ricegum was "lost."

KSI continued to watch Ricegum's review stream for the single "Holiday," before agreeing to the previous meme on KSI's Reddit page. "Oh, he's really salty. Did he wake up on the wrong side of the bed? He does not like me today," KSI commented.


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KSI then laughed at Ricegum after he disliked the music video for "Holiday." Ricegum then switched over to his previous song "Frick Da Police" that was released in 2018 as a "diss track" to the Content Cop, IDubbbz.

"You're still holding onto the one platinum song that was years ago! Bro, I'm getting streams today. Today, bro. We ain't living in the past anymore. We're living in the now and you're dead right now. Your music career is dead."

Ricegum continued further in his tyrade on KSI's music and YouTube career before KSI cut in to say: "This is you in denial, this is you throwing your toys in the pram because you're angry that no one cares about you anymore and no one cares about your music anymore. You're washed up, Ricegum, deal with it. Get better or just f--k off."

The segment quickly ended after that, with KSI moving on to review more Reddit posts. Ricegum has not made any comments on the statements KSI posed in his video since its release on June 27th.

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Edited by Gautham Balaji