Who is Megan Marie? TikTok star catches boyfriend cheating on her in Olympics photo blunder

(Image via Instagram/ meganmarielammons)
(Image via Instagram/ meganmarielammons)

Megan-Marie Lammons, a young woman on TikTok, recently gained popularity following her TikTok allegedly exposing her partner's lies through a photograph. In Lammons's video, she imitated texting her boyfriend asking what he was doing, to which he replied that he was watching the Olympics "with the boys."

However, upon examining the photo Lammons's partner sent, she found some glaring evidence to the contrary. The TikTok user then asked, "Do I have dumb written on my forehead?"

screenshot via Tiktok/ callhermeganmarie
screenshot via Tiktok/ callhermeganmarie

Lammons inspected the photograph further and discovered a glass of red wine, a few books about fashion, and seemingly a woman's knee. Many users that came across the video have begun commenting on Megan's inspective eye.

The TikTok viral sensation

Lammons's TikTok post has gained over three million views, 500 hundred thousand likes and two thousand comments. Many users have praised Lammons for exposing her boyfriend and also demonizing her partner's actions.

One user commented:

He really thought that would work too… who gave men the audacity to be so painfully unaware of themselves.”

Another user asked:

“Why do they send pics to incriminate themselves?”

A third user commented:

"I can already hear the excuses."

However, some were quick to come to the partner's defense, claiming that it could be a misunderstanding. One user suggested that the stranger not depicted was a friend's wife or girlfriend. Another user said: "Hope one of his friends has a girlfriend and they live together."

"I don't get it. Why would you make that assumption from this photo?"

Lammons shared a 'live' photo of her ex-partner where a woman's voice could be heard in a follow-up video. On July 26th, TikTok user Megan Lammons updated the situation further with a story explaining the situation.

In the video, she stated she met the man in question on a dating site. The two were not officially dating and were "just talking." Megan stated that he was "not a piece of trash" before mentioning that she did confront him about the photo.

The text Lammons had received was a joke and the man from the photo was not actively trying to lie. At the end of her update, Lammons stated that they went on a date and have hung out recently.

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