"He's a really great guy": Natalie Mariduena defends David Dobrik on the BFFs podcast

(Image via Instagram/ natalinanoel)
(Image via Instagram/ natalinanoel)

Natalie Mariduena, a childhood friend of David Dobrik, made a guest appearance on the BFFs podcast. During the podcast, co-host Dave Portnoy asked what Natalie's take was on Dobrik's situation following allegations of sexual misconduct and bullying against him and his squad.

In early 2020 Dobrik and Jason Nash were accused by Seth Francois of assault. David Dobrik was also involved in Dominykas Zeglaitis's allegations from a young woman following him using the footage for a vlog. He, along with other male members of the Vlog Squad, attempted to defend his actions before apologizing. David Dobrik then took a short hiatus before announcing his return in early 2021.

Natalie Mariduena previously made her first appearance on David Dobrik's vlog as his assistant before becoming a permanent member of the Vlog Squad. During Dobrik's allegations, Natalie Mariduena did not comment on the situation.

Natalie Mariduena claimed she was the closest of all of David Dobrik's fans. She and Dobrik had been friends since the two lived in Chicago, Illinois.

"So I know him the best out of everybody and I think it's really sh-tty, I think that everything that happened was really sh-tty and he's a really great guy. And it really sucks to see someone who's acutally a good person being accused of terrible things."

Natalie Mariduena's interview

Natalie Mariduena comments before her statement about David Dobrik that "this is [her] first podcast interview." During her segment on the podcast, co-host Dave Portnoy immediately asked her opinion on Dobrik's situation before moving on to discuss the Vlog Squad and her modeling debut for Sports Illustrated.

The clip from the BFFs podcast was shared on Instagram by user defnoodles. One user commented at length:

"He did the things though? They were on his video? No, he didn't physically rape anyone but he was a big part into putting the girls in that situation. Also making dom to be a funny character as a joke because he's a sexual harasser lol! Not saying David can't change, there possibility and I don't blame Natalie for saying how good a person she thinks he is. But maybe don't pretend the sh-t he got in trouble for wasn't valid."


Another user commented:

"He'll ruin people's lives any chance he has, to make money. He's just good to his piece of sh-t friends."

The BFFs podcast episode premiered July 21st and had accumulated over forty-five thousand views at the time of the article. Natalie Mariduena has not made any further comments about Dobrik during the podcast or on social media.

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