Netflix's bizarre new dating show 'Sexy Beasts' leaves Twitter flabbergasted 

Screenshot taken from Netflix's trailer on Instagram | Image via Instagram/Netflix
Screenshot taken from Netflix's trailer on Instagram | Image via Instagram/Netflix

Netflix announced Sexy Beasts, a brand-new original reality dating show for their platform, on June 23rd. Netflix previously released several dating programs in the midst of 2020 including Love is Blind, Too Hot to Handle and the US version of Love Island.

The platform's June 23rd announcement is no different. Yet another dating show with a brand-new twist that has surprised many people since the trailer.

Sexy Beasts, set to premiere July 21st, involves people sitting down to be covered in full body makeup and prosthetics in order to look like various animals or creatures. The dating show's main premise is to "see if [strangers] can fall in love on personality."

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The mixed emotions for 'Sexy Beasts'

After the main trailer for the new reality dating show was released on Netflix's official Twitter and Instagram accounts, people began to react.

The announcement of Sexy Beasts has gained popularity on Twitter's trending page as many have compared it to the company's series Love is Blind and Fox's The Masked Singer. Some have also made strikingly similar comparisons to the BBC's Sexy Beasts reality television from 2014.

Many have also criticized the makeup effort and how "unsightly" the contestants look. Most Twitter users have stated that Sexy Beasts is a "furry's dream." Still, people are interested in watching the reality show.

The tweet announcement itself from Netflix has been met with much more criticism of the show. Most people commented under the thread that Netflix had canceled a number of other original shows but decided to keep Sexy Beasts. Some also commented that all of the contestants shown in the trailer are "conventionally attractive and thin," therefore defeating the purpose.

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Netflix has not made any further announcements about the Sexy Beasts reality dating show or how many seasons will be available after its premiere July 21st.

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