"Pray there isn't a victim out there": Gabbie Hanna addresses assault allegations against YouTuber Jen Dent

Gabbie Hanna has again spoken out against Jen Dent (Image via YouTube)
Gabbie Hanna has again spoken out against Jen Dent (Image via YouTube)

YouTuber Jen Dent recently put out a TikTok claiming that fans of Gabbie Hanna have once again falsely accused her of sexually assaulting a child.

Jen Dent had previously come under fire after multiple accusations from her fellow YouTuber and her fans claimed, without evidence, that she sexually assaulted a child, among others, in the past.

This caused Dent to go on a year-long YouTube hiatus.

Gabbie Hanna's statement about the Jen Dent allegations

Gabbie Hanna went even further by messaging YouTuber Jessi Smiles about it. The latter had responded by telling Hanna to leave her alone, as they were not on good terms after Gabbie had sided with Jessi's assaulter.

Hanna then fueled the fire by putting out a statement to her fans stating,

"It's not fair to anyone involved."

Many people were upset to see this message from Gabbie Hanna, especially after seeing her fans attack Jen Dent for so long. What's even more unfair to Jen, according to her fans, was that Gabbie had no evidence of the case.

In fact, in her message, Gabbie said:

"I don't know who made the allegation."

Additionally, Gabbie Hanna used her patreon to send out "cryptic messages" about the Jen Dent allegations.

Many were quick to stand by Jen Dent's side once she posted the TikTok stating that she "has been through hell" because of Gabbie Hanna's bottomless claims and her overbearing fan base.

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Jen Dent "has been through hell" (Image via YouTube)
Jen Dent "has been through hell" (Image via YouTube)

Gabbie Hanna and her controversial career

Over the years, Gabbie Hanna has continuously been involved in one controversy after the other. Many have spoken out, claiming that she was allegedly "mentally unwell" after her parade of TikTok rants being excessively disgruntled over the opinion of others on her music.

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What's next for Jen Dent

It has not been confirmed if Jen Dent will be pursuing legal action against Gabbie Hanna. In a tweet posted on May 10th, 2021, she claimed:

"Bring it up next year, and maybe someone will pay attention."

Gabbie Hanna has yet to respond or apologize for falsely accusing Jen Dent without reliable information.

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