The Glory Part 2 surprises fans with the cameo of an iconic K-pop song

A still from The Glory, Part 2 (Image via Netlfix)
A still from The Glory, Part 2 (Image via Netlfix)

The Glory Part 2 is one of the hottest shows on air at the moment. The show's plot line and the performance of its lead actors, among other things had captured the attention of the audience in the first part.

With the second part, the drama has definitely increased manifold, but what really surprised fans is the appearance or rather, a cameo of a brilliant K-pop song.

The song is none other than THE BOYZ‘s track 'Thrill Ride'. In an otherwise intense and somber playout of events, this is a scene that fills the audience's hearts with hope. For a show that is otherwise dark, a tonal shift for a few minutes has definitely become one of the fan favorite scenes.

What scene in The Glory Part 2 features the K-pop song?

The song in question, appears in The Glory Part 2, episode 10. It is a scene featuring Kang Hyeon-nam (played by Yeom Hye-ran), who had agreed to help the main character Moon Dong-eun (Song Hye-kyo), and her daughter. She is running away from Park Yeon-jin (Lim Ji-yeon), who is one of the main bullies to have traumatized and physically and mentally abused Dong-eun.

The scene portrays a unique bond between a mother who is on the run, and a daughter who is impressed by her mother's guts. The two of them are extremely close to each other as they protect each other from an abusive husband and father.

Hyeon-nam, thankfully, has a back-up plan when she sets out, and despite many obstacles, it is Dong-eun's help and Hyeon-nam's conviction that really tides her and her daughter over.

Clearly, the scene was intended to symbolize the importance of Hyeon-nam's alliance for Dong-eun. It works in two ways to ensure that the audience understands why The Glory is not only a dark commentary on bullying in school, but also a statement on the stark reality.

As much as international audiences fetishize certain aspects of Korean culture, this show, wants to bring their attention to the underlying issues that are prevalent in many of the schools in South Korea, and across the world.

Fan reaction to The Glory Part 2 K-pop cameo

In addition to the song, what really excited fans the most was the fact that the members of THE BOYZ also showed appreciation for the series that is currently airing on Netflix

Fans took to Twitter to express their excitement for this brilliant show of support, and also because the song featured in The Glory Part 2 became a hot issue on the day of its release -- March 11.

The Glory Part 2 sees main cast members Lee Do-hyun, Jung Sung-il, and Park Sung-hoon return.

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