The Walking Dead Season 11 interview - Khary Payton on what Rick Grimes would think of the Commonwealth (Exclusive)

Still captured from the official Walking Dead Season 11 trailer
Still captured from the official Walking Dead Season 11 trailer

The Walking Dead Season 11 returns in all its glory on February 20, 2022. The second block of eight episodes, from a total of three, can also be streamed a week prior on AMC Plus.

SK Pop was honored to be invited to a roundtable with members of The Walking Dead Season 11's cast ahead of the big return. Fans of the series and comic book alike may be familiar with the Commonwealth, a community that is an oasis of normalcy in the zombie-infested landscape. However, as is the case with everything else in The Walking Dead's universe, nothing is what it seems.

What would the beloved protagonist of The Walking Dead universe, Rick Grimes, have thought about the Commonwealth? His current whereabouts are unknown, and unfortunately, the cast and crew have been left to fend off without their leader since he was choppered away to parts unknown.

No thoughts, only Rick Grimes

We sought answers from royalty. Khary Payton, best known for playing King Ezekiel on the show, had an interesting take.

"What would Rick think of The Commonwealth? I think he might smile for 10 seconds and then not trust it at all. I think he’s learned to be pretty wary of anybody new. Famously, The Walking Dead has taught us to fear the living more than the dead. So, I don’t care about how clean these peoples’ clothes are, there’s gotta be something dirty underneath. I think that’s what Rick would think," said Payton.

King Ezekiel wages a tough battle in The Walking Dead Season 11 against a deadly foe - cancer

💪🏾❤️ 🧟‍♂️…

SK Pop was delighted to avail access to episodes 9 and 10 ahead of the return of The Walking Dead Season 11. King Ezekiel now has access to the marvels of modern science and medicine in the Commonwealth, as he wages a furious battle with cancer.

Unfortunately, with civilization comes a bureaucracy. There is a queue, a line, to avail treatment. What makes our group so unique is that everyone looks out for one-another. And so, Carol (Melissa McBride) devises a plan to move him ahead of the line.

Find out for yourself when The Walking Dead Season 11 returns to your television screens in a really massive way. Also, make sure to leave your thoughts about Rick Grimes' possible reaction in the comments section below.

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