"These 3 things became the greatest strength": BTS' Taehyung sheds light on the moments in his life he is grateful for

BTS' Taehyung (Images via Twiiter/@btschartsdailys)

BTS' V, born Kim Taehyung appeared on Melon Station's HYBE exclusive program to promote his latest solo album debut LAYOVER on September 9, 2023. During Hybe Labels episode 1, the Slow Dancing singer-songwriter got candid while speaking about his members, family, and fans, who are the three lucky charms in his life.

During the show on September 9, Taehyung was asked to pick three things from his life that he is most grateful for. While answering the question, the Korean solo artist mentioned that he was proud to be born to his parents. He mentioned that his life began only after he met his group members, and also expressed how grateful he is for having his beloved fans, ARMY, by his side.

"First of all, I'll tell you the first one based on the time period. I am so proud to be my family's son. And the second one, when I met the members! I have the feeling of value in my life since meeting the members. It's something like, 'I'm really doing well.' I get that kind of feeling a lot through the members. And the third one, this one is obvious! It's our Armys," he said.

He continued:

"Starting from the showcase until now, our Armys haven't forgotten us; together they hold us and cheer for us. I think these 3 things became the greatest strength in my life. I look at Armys, my members, my father, mother, siblings, and Tannie, and I gain energy from them."

Kim Taehyung wishes to introduce fans to a new side of himself with his album LAYOVER

After he listed the three things he was most grateful for in his life, he played a game in a segment of the program called 'Fill in the 'V'lanks.' During this round, he confessed that even if he was reborn, he would still love his family, his group members, and the ARMY.

"What I think I will love even if I am born again is my family, our members, and our ARMY, he said."

The Slow Dancing singer-songwriter explained that his new album LAYOVER will give fans a glimpse of a side of him that is different from his stage persona, V. He mentioned that in his new songs, he feels more inclined to dance slowly with his friends and enjoys being in the moment instead of presenting "intense choreographies."

"The last part of this song's performance (Slow Dancing) is kind of like... the feeling of dancing with friends. I danced like that a little. There will be many Armys who are waiting for intense choreographies or things like that. But that is one of V's personas. It will appear again next time. Wait for that, and enjoy the slow dancing like this for now," Taehyung said during episode 1.

Kim Taehyung then went on to express that creating his solo album was an exhilarating experience for him. He confided that working with MIN Hee-jin, the executive producer of his album, LAYOVER, and the CEO of ADOR (a sub-label under HYBE), he felt at ease as he could express his thoughts and ideas more openly.

"It was so unique and very natural. This natural side was able to be captured in this album. It felt like a family with no boundaries,” he said on the program.

The Melon Spotlight interview featuring V is available on the official platform. The first part of episode 1 of the HYBE exclusive program aired on September 8, 2023. During the course of this program, BTS' V aka Taehyung will shed light on various tracks from his latest solo album, LAYOVER, which was released on September 8.

With the debut of his solo album LAYOVER, the Love Me Again singer-songwriter is determined to introduce himself as Kim Taehyung to the world.

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