TXT's Huening Kai helps name a fan's baby at Atlanta concert

TXT's Huening Kai recently went viral for helping a fan select their baby's name. (Image via Instagram/@txt_bighit)
TXT's Huening Kai recently went viral for helping a fan select their baby's name. (Image via Instagram/@txt_bighit)

TOMORROW X TOGETHER's (TXT) maknae Huening Kai recently named a fan's baby during their live concert in Atlanta. The fan took to Twitter and TikTok to share her unique experience with the K-pop boys.

The video of Huening Kai suggesting names for the "future MOA" (the name of TXT's fandom) has the entire community smashing "Like" and "Replay" buttons. The video went viral, and garnered over 407k views within just 24 hours since the concert.

K-pop boygroup TOMORROW X TOGETHER are holding their first world tour this year, named ACT: LOVESICK.

It kicked off with much fervor in Seoul, South Korea, and its final leg will be held in Bangkok in October.

The quintet are currently in the United States where they concluded a sold-out show at Atlanta's Fox Theatre on July 12.

MOA recalls an adorable encounter with Huening Kai at TXT's recent concert

K-pop idols and their fans hold a relationship that goes beyond simple appreciation for their music. Idols are often seen spending time with fans through livestreams, sharing messages of support and encouragement with fans who take comfort in their words, even apart from their music.

Fans also show their dedication and love for their favorite groups and members in the most unique ways possible.

An MOA who attended the concert wanted to name her baby after a name selected by the boys themselves. She recalled her sweet encounter with Huening Kai and it clearly shows the special bond the idols hold with their fans.

The fan, who was pregnant, wore a T-shirt with the sign "future MOA" pointing towards her belly.

Christine also carried a signboard with herself, with the words "PICK MY BABY'S NAME?" written on it. The incident was explained by the fan in detail on Twitter.

She wrote that the youngest member of the group was the one who saw her sign during soundcheck. He immediately motioned to her that he would think about it backstage and get back to her later.

The happy MOA gushed about the same on Twitter, appreciating the time Huening Kai took to really think about some sweet names for her baby and putting in the effort to write them for her during their performance.

She explained how her fellow MOAs were extremely supportive and helped get the sign to the idol during their performance.

Huening Kai wrote the name of his choice on the board and returned it back. However, it turned out that the one he suggested was a girl's name, Lilly. The fan immediately clarified that she was expecting a baby boy.

At another point during the show, the signboard was once again delivered to him on stage, and this time the idol lost no time in naming the baby "Nathan."

Fans can't get enough of this cute interaction between the lucky MOA and the maknae, Huening Kai.

TXT on first leg of first-ever world tour TOMORROW X TOGETHER WORLD TOUR

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