WATCH: Bodycam footage shows shootout between Dallas Police and capital murder suspect Joey Fraire

Capital murder suspect Joey Fraire killed by Dallas Police officers (Image via Shane B Murphy/Twitter)
Capital murder suspect Joey Fraire killed by Dallas Police officers (Image via Shane B Murphy/Twitter)

On Wednesday, January 25, capital murder suspect Joey Fraire, accused of killing Ramon Lemus Zapata last year, was fatally shot by Dallas police.

As per CBS News, Joey Fraire, 18, was shot following a deadly confrontation between Dallas police officers and the suspect, who refused to surrender after being cornered by authorities.


Police body camera footage captured the altercation between the officers and Fraire, who was shot after firing at an officer while being apprehended in the 2500 block of Bahama Drive, near Fort Worth Avenue in west Oak Cliff.

Joey Fraire shot after refusing to comply with officers' repeated commands

#Dallas“Joey Cesar Fraire, 18, was identified as the man shot and killed by Dallas officers in the 2500 block of Bahama Drive, near Fort Worth Avenue in west Oak Cliff, after he shot an officer when the department’s fugitive unit attempted to arrest him, police said”/2

In the video, several police officers are seen surrounding the suspect, Joey Fraire, who was holed up inside a white SUV after refusing to comply with the officers' repeated commands to surrender.

Authorities said they followed a vehicle with Fraire in the passenger seat and an unidentified driver. The officers confronted the passengers in the car after pulling into the Bahama Glen Apartment parking lot. The driver reportedly surrendered after officers yelled at them to get out, but Fraire remained inside, prompting a shootout at the scene.

The video shows officers with weapons standing behind the SUV as they continue to smoke the suspect out of the vehicle. As per CBS News, Fraire remained in the vehicle even after officers used flash bangs and pepper ball rounds to force him out of the SUV.

In the video, the suspect is also seen with a gun, emerging from the car shortly before he is gunned down by the police. According to authorities, the suspect pointed his gun at officers and fired at least two shots before officers fired multiple shots and rendered him incapacitated at the scene.

The video shows an officer running towards the injured suspect, who died shortly after being rushed to a nearby hospital after sustaining gunshot wounds at the scene.

Dallas Police Chief defends the shooting of Joey Fraire

UPDATE: Dallas police says the suspect in Wednesday’s shooting is 18yr old Joey Fraire, who is now dead.The officer shot in the foot has been released from the hospital. @FOX4…

At a press conference, Chief Eddie Garcia defended the actions of his officers and said:

"Each individual officer that was there felt fear for their lives. We had an individual wanted for capital murder that was involved in the murder of an innocent resident of the city of Farmers Branch who was given every opportunity to surrender peacefully."

He added:

"We don't want this outcome. But unfortunately suspect Fraire's decision to fire on police officers is what led to this outcome."

Garcia said that in adherence to protocol, the department will investigate the circumstances of the police shooting.

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