What happened at Club Q? Mass shooting at Colorado Springs leaves five dead and 18 injured

Mass shooting at a Colorado Springs gay bar left five people dead and multiple injured (Image via Google Street View)
Mass shooting at a Colorado Springs gay bar left five people dead and multiple injured (Image via Google Street View)

Officials received reports of a mass shooting at an LGBTQ club in Colorado Springs on Saturday, November 19, around 11:57 pm. According to the police, at least five people were killed and 18 others were injured in the unfortunate attack.

Colorado Springs Police Lt. Pamela Castro stated that authorities received multiple 911 calls from Club Q close to midnight. Though not much has been revealed about the deadly shooting that killed multiple club-goers, Castro confirmed that the shooting was not an "officer-involved" one.

A suspect has been taken into custody, though their identity has not yet been revealed to the public. Castro stated:

"They did locate one individual who we believe to be the suspect inside. At this point in time, the suspect is being treated, but is in custody."

Police also refused to disclose the motive behind the shooting or the kind of firearm used. According to Colorado Springs Fire Capt. Mike Smaldino, after multiple 911 calls were received, 11 ambulances responded to the scene. Police Chief Adrian Vasquez stated:

"The motive of the crime is part of the investigation and whether this was a hate crime is a part of that investigation."

Colorado Springs gay club "devastated" by Saturday's cruel attack which left five patrons dead

An exciting Saturday night at a Colorado Springs' gay club took a tragic turn when a shooter opened fire on those present, killing at least five people and injuring 18 others.

The FBI are presently on the scene and are expected to be there for a long time as the preliminary investigation goes on. Dan Weaver, Vice President of Hospital Communications, said that around five victims of the tragedy are being treated at UCHealth Memorial Hospital Central.

In a statement posted on Facebook, Club Q called the incident a "hate attack," and stated:

Club Q had a jam-packed schedule for the weekend, with a punk and alternative show at 9 pm, followed by a dance party at 11 pm. To celebrate Transgender Day of Remembrance on Sunday, November 20, the club was supposed to host a drag brunch and a drag show.

However, the area around the club has now been taped off by investigators and the club will remain closed until further notice.

Following the attack, Governor of Colorado, Jared Polis, the country's first openly gay governor, issued a statement condemning the "horrific and sickening" incident. He stated:

"We are eternally grateful for the brave individuals who blocked the gunman likely saving lives in the process and for the first responders who responded swiftly to this horrific shooting. Colorado stands with our LGTBQ community and everyone impacted by this tragedy as we mourn together."

Saturday's attack is reminiscent of the 2016 Orlando tragedy, where 49 people were killed in a mass shooting at a gay nightclub in a similar manner.

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