What happened to Corey Jones? Family of motorist killed in 2015 police shooting reaches $2M settlement

Corey Jones was killed in 2015 by a police officer, (Image via Fifty Shades of Whey/Twitter)
Corey Jones was killed in 2015 by a police officer, (Image via Fifty Shades of Whey/Twitter)

An African-American man named Corey Jones was fatally shot by cops in 2015 after his vehicle broke down near a freeway off-ramp. A settlement worth $2 million was made between the city of Florida and the dead motorist’s family.

According to the news outlet, the settlement consists of the entire amount that the city’s insurance policy covers. 31-year-old Corey Jones was a drummer and housing inspector and was returning home that night on October 18.

A confrontation broke out between Jones and a Palm Beach Gardens cop named Nouman Raja, who allegedly killed the drummer.

An audio tape was revealed that captured the police officer acting aggressively against Corey Jones. Raja was charged with attempted murder and manslaughter. He was found guilty and sentenced to 25 years in jail.

An African-American drummer named Corey Jones was killed in a confrontation with a cop in 2015

In October 2015, Corey Jones was killed during a confrontation with a police officer named Nouman Raja. It took place when Corey was returning from a gig and experienced car trouble.

He was pulled over when Raja spotted him at around 3.15 am local time. The officer was not in uniform and had plain clothes on. He approached Corey to investigate his car.

The officer was reportedly told to wear his police vest over plain clothes during any kind of interaction with the public. It was revealed that the drummer had a handgun and also possessed a concealed carry permit, to protect his drum set worth $10,000.

A confrontation broke out that left Jones dead. According to Raja, Corey Jones pointed a gun at him, and he fired in self-defense. An audio recording, however, was revealed that captured Nouman Raja being aggressive towards Corey.

He also reportedly did not present his badge to identify himself as a police officer. Jurors decided that it was the officer who escalated the situation, and not the 31-year-old motorist. Raja was then sentenced to 25 years in jail.

Officer Raja is possibly the first on-duty police officer in Florida to be convicted of killing

Palm Beach Gardens Mayor Chelsea Reed said:

“We remain sorrowful that the criminal actions of Officer Raja led to the senseless death of Corey Jones. Although we cannot undo this tragic loss, it is our sincere hope that this settlement will aid in the continued healing of the family and our communities.”

Corey Jones’ family and the South Florida city reached a settlement through mediation on Thursday. Corey’s father Clinton Jones Sr., said:

“I’m just glad it’s over.”

A family friend named Derrick McCray addressed the settlement and said:

“It was a pleasant surprise that that went down today, and I was happy for them. Something is better than nothing," he said of the settlement. "And they feel it was a fair settlement. That was good.”

The city’s insurance carrier made the offer back in 2016, however, the city of Palm Beach bore no responsibility or liability of any kind. It was also discovered that in the past 30 years, Nouman Raja was the first on-duty cop in Florida to be charged and convicted of killing.

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