What did J Cyrus do? Disturbing allegations and racist tweets surface in wake of Doja Cat link 

J Cyrus and Doja Cat (Image via J Cyrus and Actual Logan/Twitter)
J Cyrus and Doja Cat (Image via J Cyrus and Actual Logan/Twitter)

J Cyrus, a social media influencer, actor, and comedian linked to singer Doja Cat is stirring controversy as seemingly racist tweets and allegations of harassment have surfaced online, prompting a frenzy among loyal fans of the Street vocalist.

The allegations against Cyrus come in the wake of TMZ publishing pictures of a recent outing of him alongside the singer, who were seen enjoying their time together on a yacht, in Los Cabos in Mexico. While neither of them has confirmed their relationship, pictures on TMZ showed them packing on the PDA in the yacht.

The images of the outing shared by TMZ showed the two unperturbed by the brewing controversy on social media.

While the tweets with apparent racist undertones have elicited shocked responses from some social media users, others commented that the rhetoric was on brand for the 36-year-old influencer, who has been embroiled in multiple controversies in the past few years. The tweet in question that was unearthed by the Pop Feed was posted in 2016.

“Watching all these ppl post on my friends wall is like watching out for these cops & be careful as if he hasn't been black his whole life.”

The account also dug out a tweet from 2013 where Cyrus posted allegedly seemingly racist content on his Vine account, tweeting a link that said:

“Never suggest KFC to your black friend.”

J Cyrus was accused of harassing several women in 2020

While the tweets lacked context, people were quick to jump on social media to slam J Cyrus unearthing old allegations against the comedian that reportedly dates back years. A social media user reminded users that J Cyrus was also accused of harassing several women between 2020 to 2022 on the social media platform Twitch. A post by a Twitter user, Emma, alleged:

“He used his power and influence to mistreat women who watched him stream. The last count of women who came forward was close to 20. He destroyed a community of 100s of people who trusted and admired him. @jcyrus has proven he should not be given a platform.”

Here are some of the tweets calling out Cyrus over the aforementioned allegations and racist tweets:

A Twitter user also shared an apology seemingly from J Cyrus expressing partial contrition for his actions against the women who had named him as an aggressor. The apology drew criticism from netizens as it lacked accountability as he continued to stress that his encounters with women were consensual.

What we know about J Cyrus

In light of the allegations, several people expressed concern for Doja Cat, who was seen smiling ear-to-ear alongside Cyrus during their recent outing. J Cyrus, who identifies himself as a comedian, grew his fan base by creating digital content on his Vine account since he was 16 years old. In 2016, he was named as the finalist in the Vine comedian category for the 8th annual shorty awards.

The New Orleans native reportedly boasts some 56,000 subscribers on YouTube and over 167,000 followers on Instagram.

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