Who is Colby Mitchell? Pastor's leaked video leaves Twitter scandalized

(Image via Instagram/ pastor_colby_mitchell)
(Image via Instagram/ pastor_colby_mitchell)

A leaked video, allegedly of Pastor Colby Mitchell, surfaced on Twitter on July 31st. The video in question is not safe for work and allegedly depicts Mitchell engaging in suggestive acts with an unidentified person.

Colby D. Mitchell, 34, is popular on Facebook with over 20k followers on his page. He often uses the platform to host biblical services. Mitchell has also been invited to various high-profile events as a guest speaker.

Pastor Colby Mitchell recently attended Embracing Impact, where people who have created positive change are asked to deliver a speech. He has also amassed over 700 followers on Instagram.

At the time of the article, Colby Mitchell, along with 'Colby Mitchell leaked,' began gaining traction on Twitter following the pastor's interview with YouTuber Larry Reid. The video gained over 20k views at the time of the article.

In his interview, Colby Mitchell immediately addressed the leaked video, claiming the unidentified man was a former partner.

"I'm sorry for being exposed on Facebook...that'd been a long time. Five years."

Mitchell stated that he would be seeking legal action following the leaked video. At the end of his interview, the pastor apologized to his followers.

Users react to leaked video of Colby Mitchell

Many users were concerned about Colby Mitchell's leaked video as it began circulating on Twitter. Some felt left out of the situation, confused at the sudden influx of mentions of Mitchell. Others openly joked about the serious situation involving Mitchell's privacy.

Few users were also shocked to learn of Colby Mitchell's previously unannounced identity. One user specifically stated:

"Y'all need to stop!!! Y'all knew damn well Colby was in the LGBTQ community. No video needed to prove that LOL and if you didn't know, check your gaydar!!!!"

Another user commented:

"Just found out about Colby Mitchell. I-I'm not shocked but..."

Another user stated:

"It's ppl talking about they lost respect for Colby Mitchell but I'm like y'all didn't take him serious anyway so..."

Overall, Colby Mitchell's name was mentioned over twenty times on Twitter. At the time of writing, neither Mitchell nor his team had made any further comment on his Facebook page or Instagram.

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