Who are Joanne Linville's children? All about the late "Star Trek" actress' family including Billie Lourd and Christopher Rydell

Joanne Linville who recently passed away at the age of 93. (Image via New York Post)
Joanne Linville who recently passed away at the age of 93. (Image via New York Post)

Joanne Linville, the actress who played the role of the Romulan commander in a 1968 Star Trek episode, passed away on June 20th. Joanne was 93-years-old at the time. No one has yet revealed the actual cause of her death.

Joanne Linville started taking up TV guest roles in the mid-1950s. She appeared in various series from that era, including Studio One, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Kraft Theatre, and Playhouse 90.

Joanne then also appeared as a guest star in other drama series during the ‘60s that included classics like Bonanza, Gunsmoke, The F.B.I., Route 66, Ben Casey, I Spy, and a two-part Hawaii Five-0.

Joanne Linville’s children – Amy Rydell and Christopher Rydell

Joanne Linville is being survived by her ex-husband Mark Rydell and her two children, Amy Rydell and Christopher Rydell. Joanne is also survived by her grandchildren, Austen, Ruby, and Ginger, and great-grandson Kingston Fisher Lourd Rydell.

Austen Rydell is currently engaged to actress Billie Lourd. They have a son who was born in September 2020.


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Billie Lourd is an American actress popular for her role as Chanel #3 in the Fox horror-comedy series Scream Queens and FX horror anthology series American Horror Story.

Billie Lourd has also appeared as Lieutenant Connix in the Star Wars sequel trilogy and is the only child of actress Carrie Fisher.

Amy Rydell was born in 1971 in Culver City. She reprised the role of the Romulan commander her mother played in the third season of the Star Trek TV show in 1968. Amy played the role in two parts of the "To Boldly Go" episode that were broadcast in 2013.

Amy Rydell also played the role of Christine White in 2001’s ‘James Dean’. Joanne Linville also played a major role in the film and it was directed by Amy’s father, Mark Rydell. Amy has also done some voiceover roles along with some stuntwork for ‘Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle’ and ‘The Fast and the Furious’.

Amy Rydell loves landscapes, and she started Amy Rydell Landscape Design - a company that focused on high-end residential landscaping. It is unknown if the company is still active, as they have not posted anything on their Facebook page since 2015.


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Joanne Linville’s son, Christopher Rydell, was born in 1963 and has appeared in many feature films in the 70s, 80s, and 90s. He has appeared in films like "Trauma" and the 1991 musical "For the Boys."

Christopher Rydell was also seen in "Harry and Walter Go to New York" and "On Golden Pond," and both the films were directed by his father, Christopher Rydell. Christopher Rydell has been involved in many projects like Nightmare Hostel, TV series "Enterprise," and most recently, in "Queen of the Lot".

Very little information is known about Christopher, as he has rarely appeared in interviews compared to his sister Amy Rydell.

More about Joanne Linville

Joanne Linville is well-known for her role as Lavinia Gordon, the owner of a ruined Southern mansion in the Civil War-themed 1961 Twilight Zone episode titled "The Passerby."

Joanne Linville was born Beverly Joanne Linville on January 15, 1928, in Bakersfield, CA. Linville grew up in Venice, CA. She had some film roles in her long career that included A Star Is Born (1976), Scorpio (1973), and The Seduction (1982).


Linville and her teacher Stella Adler started an acting conservancy in 1980s under Adler’s name. She was also the author of the 2011 book Seven Steps to an Acting Craft.

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