Why is Walmart being sued for $100 million? Roderick Jackson story explained

Texas man sues Walmart for $100 million after allegedly being wrongfully accused of shoplifting (Image via Stewart Hicks/YouTube)
Texas man sues Walmart for $100 million after allegedly being wrongfully accused of shoplifting (Image via Stewart Hicks/YouTube)

Roderick Jackson is suing Walmart for the second time in three years after allegedly being wrongfully accused of shoplifting. The Texas native now demands the retail giant to pay him $100 million in damages or offer him free shopping in their stores for the rest of his life.

Roderick Jackson is filing the lawsuit in relation to an incident that occurred in an Omaha, Nebraska store in March 2021. He claimed that he was racially profiled and wrongfully accused of shoplifting which led him to getting arrested. In his complaint, Jackson claimed that he suffered from “emotional stress and pain from the handcuffs.”

In the first court filing which was dismissed, he demanded Walmart to pay him $100 million and a “huge credit for future shopping.” However, he later changed it to $175 million in damages. Now, Roderick Jackson has filed a similar lawsuit regarding the same case.


The corporation has since released a statement to Fox News Digital. Their spokesperson said,

"We do not tolerate discrimination of any kind. Mr. Jackson’s allegations are almost identical to a lawsuit he filed against our company in 2021 that was dismissed. We intend to defend the company against the allegations once we have been properly served and will quickly ask the court to dismiss any claim that are without merit."

What is Roderick Jackson demanding from Walmart in the lawsuit?

According to Unilad, Jackson has filed a lawsuit against the American market yet again. However, he has changed what he wants in damages to $100 million or free shopping for the rest of his life at Walmart.

He has also demanded the retail corporation pay all of his court fees alongside a “reversal of all documents and allegations.”

The complaint was filed to the United States District Attorney’s Office for the West District of Arkansas in Fayetteville. According to Fox59, both the previous and recent lawsuits were filed by Jackson without the help of an attorney.

If Roderick Jackson’s allegations are true, this would not be the first time a customer has been wrongfully accused of shoplifting from Walmart. In June 2023, a police officer was filmed kneeling on a man’s neck after the former suspected that he had stolen a frozen pizza.

After being freed from police custody, the man in question, Dayton Borisouth, claimed that the police had singled him out for a receipt check because of his blue hair and entering without a shirt. According to KTVZ, the police officer and an off-duty officer working for the retailer were eventually disciplined and demanded to undergo additional training.

Meanwhile, the status of Roderick Jackson’s lawsuit against Walmart remained unclear at the time of writing this article.

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