"Worry about that fat lawsuit": Bryce Hall calls out Ethan Klein for repeatedly criticizing him

It looks like Bryce Hall is not a fan of Ethan Klein (Image via YouTube)
It looks like Bryce Hall is not a fan of Ethan Klein (Image via YouTube)

Bryce Hall has called out Ethan Klein for constantly making critiques about him and his career. The TikToker posted a series of tweets telling the H3 Podcast host to worry about his ongoing lawsuit from Triller instead of speaking about him.

Ethan Klein, better known as H3H3 Productions or H3 Podcast, has frequently spoken out about Bryce Hall and other TikTokers. In fact, the 35-year-old has publicly joked on his podcast and invited Bryce Hall over to his house to "fight."

Fans of the H3 Podcast were quick to come to Ethan Klein's defense, stating that his statements are merely "just commentary" and that he had the freedom to speak about him all he wanted.

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In a continuation of their issues, earlier today, Bryce Hall angrily tweeted at Ethan Klein, calling him out and even bringing up his past and branding him a hypocrite.

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The 21-year-old has become fed up with Ethan Klein's comments about him and his public image. Two months ago, the latter had made Bryce Hall his "D-Bag of the Week," infuriating the social media personality's fans. Many were upset and retaliated by leaving hate comments.

Nevertheless, this did not stop Ethan Klein, as his defense was that Bryce is a public figure and should be talked about.

Public reception of Bryce Hall

Many of the YouTuber's fans stem from TikTok. As one of the biggest creators on the platform, Hall has gone through many controversies that the YouTube world has publicly discussed. After his split from Addison Rae, many of his fans quickly switched sides once the alleged cheating allegations came to light.

Multiple news outlets, including H3 Podcast, often comment on specific situations or certain public figures to discuss various topics. In H3's case, TikTok is a widely known platform, with Bryce being one of the better-known creators. Therefore, it is seen as natural by the YouTube community for Ethan to discuss him and his career.

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Ethan Klein has not yet responded to Bryce Hall and his comments, but fans of the H3 Podcast anticipate a topic-filled podcast episode next week.

Edited by Ravi Iyer
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