"I was scared I was going to die": xQc reveals why he was forced to move back to Canada 

Screenshot taken from xQc's Twitch stream (Image via Twitch/xQc)
Screenshot taken from xQc's Twitch stream (Image via Twitch/xQc)

Twitch streamer xQc explained why he moved back home in a 'Just Chatting' stream on June 28th.

"We were getting raided by the police station at rates that made absolutely f--king no sense. Almost every day the police came to our house with a full squad because of f--king idiots. I was genuinely scared I was going to die. And then, it didn't make sense to me. I got so scared, I said 'I want to go home, I want to go back to Canada.' So I started reaching out to all [of] my friends in Austin and I tell them about what's going on and I asked them what they thought about it."

What xQc did is not uncommon, especially among Twitch streamers. Malicious viewers will sometimes take advantage of streamers' public addresses and phone numbers with the intention of sending police under false pretenses.

The practice, known as swatting, recently caught Twitch streamer Drift0r in the crossfire.

xQc noted that the 'swatting' was another reason for him to relocate back to Canada.


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Fans react to xQc's relocation

The situation began when xQc said that he would be streaming from Twitch streamer Sodapoppin's house after stating that his home was undergoing renovations.

xQc stated that he's dealt with swatting a number of times, so much so that the police would call beforehand if they were about to raid his home.

He also developed a visual signal to allow police to make sure his streaming room was clear of any potential threats.

The Twitch streamer stated that the stress was "overwhelming," which led to him moving in with friends for the time being, until he returns to Canada.

Reddit users commented on the Twitch clip after it was uploaded to the Reddit page 'Livestream Fails'. Many stressed how fellow streamer Sodapoppin was also recently raided.

One comment even stated that bringing attention to the situation only makes it worse for streamers.

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xQc has not commented further on the 'swatting' situation. He did a livestream on June 28th, hours after the previous clip.

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