Nike Cortez “NAI-KE” sneakers: Everything we know so far

Nike Cortez “NAI-KE” sneakers
Nike Cortez “NAI-KE” sneakers (Image via Sneaker News)

The Nike Cortez “NAI-KE” sneakers are the latest addition to the sportswear giant’s homage to Chinese culture. With Edison Chen no longer in collaboration with Nike, the brand is taking it upon itself to carry forward the legacy and cultural celebration through its footwear.

The “NAI-KE” series has garnered attention for its dedication to cultural elements, and the new iteration of the Nike Cortez continues this trend. The upcoming model embraces the heritage and design elements that resonate with the theme of the collection.

Fans and sneaker enthusiasts can anticipate the drop of the new Nike Cortez “NAI-KE” sneakers in the Fall/Winter collection of 2023. Although the exact release date remains under wraps, the sneakers will feature a host of distinctive design elements.

Priced competitively, they are expected to be an exclusive release in Asia, with details on the price and availability to be announced.

Nike Cortez “NAI-KE” sneakers will be available in fall 2023

Nike Cortez “NAI-KE” sneakers (Image via Sneaker News)
Nike Cortez “NAI-KE” sneakers (Image via Sneaker News)

The Nike Cortez “NAI-KE” sneakers build upon the language of its predecessors, featuring intricate woven accents that adorn the tongue and underline the iconic Swoosh.

This attention to detail extends to the heel tab, which is intricately embroidered with the pack's signature branding and is complemented by a bamboo-inspired custom dubrae.

The craftsmanship of the Nike Cortez “NAI-KE” sneakers stands as a beacon of Nike's dedication to excellence. The use of natural-colored leathers and suede in the base construction isn’t just a choice for durability; it's a deliberate nod to sophistication.

The materials are carefully selected to endure the depreciation of daily use, ensuring that each pair remains a lasting emblem of both quality and style.

Nike Cortez “NAI-KE” (Image via Sneaker News)
Nike Cortez “NAI-KE” (Image via Sneaker News)

Moreover, the earthy tones of the leather and suede underscore a refined aesthetic that complements any wardrobe. These sneakers promise to be more than just athletic footwear; they are fashioned to be versatile for both casual outings and more upscale events.

With the Nike Cortez “NAI-KE,” Nike continues to bridge the gap between robust sportswear and the suave lines of high fashion.

Capping off the design, the sneaker showcases a chalky gum bottom, a characteristic trait that merges style with functionality, ensuring grip and endurance while paying homage to the classic Cortez lineage.

In terms of distribution, the Nike Cortez “NAI-KE” sneakers will likely continue the collection's tradition of exclusivity. Currently, there is a keen anticipation for their debut solely within the Asian market.

History of Nike and Cortez

Nike's journey, coupled with the iconic status of the Cortez, is a tale woven over decades. The Cortez, initially launched in 1972, has evolved from a track shoe to a streetwear staple, marking its significance in both athletic and cultural spheres.

Nike Cortez “NAI-KE” sneakers upper (Image via Sneaker News)
Nike Cortez “NAI-KE” sneakers upper (Image via Sneaker News)

The anticipation for the Nike Cortez “NAI-KE” speaks of the brand's continuous effort to infuse cultural heritage into modern design. While the world eagerly awaits more details, what is assured is that these sneakers will be a celebration of craftsmanship and tradition.

With an exclusive Asia release, interested buyers should keep an eye on updates from Nike for the final release date in 2023.