One Piece: Chapter 1030 Awakened Devil Fruits return and another death overturned

Devil Fruits (Image Credits: Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, Viz Media, One Piece)
Devil Fruits (Image Credits: Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, Viz Media, One Piece)

In today’s scanlated issue of One Piece Chapter 1030, Oda brings fans many twists and revelations as well as the return of Awakened Devil Fruits to two pirates partaking in the Onigashima raid.

Some other twists and turns give us the scoop on the status of certain characters, setting up goals for the Rebellion force in the final moments of the best arc One Piece has done yet. The chapter also introduces a brand new variable to consider for the safety of our beloved Straw Hat members and their friends.


One Piece Chapter 1030: Everything to know

Opening pages

Scratchmen Apoo as featured in the anime's Wano arc (Image via Toei Animation)
Scratchmen Apoo as featured in the anime's Wano arc (Image via Toei Animation)

One Piece Chapter 1030's opening panels show us X Drake and Apoo chatting with Kaido’s giants surrounding them as we see Apoo trying to convince Drake to join forces and take down Kaido. However, it would not be surprising or out of character to see the Scratchmen betray Drake and fulfill an ulterior motive.

We then go to the first to second floor stairway, where Nami and Usopp are greeted by the lower half of Kin’emon (a throwback to his introduction during the Punk Hazard arc of One Piece).

After Nami draws the mark of the Rebellion on Kin’s legs, he calms down and asks for a favor which Usopp obliges. We then see the two making their way to the attic, where we cut to Kin’s upper half writing off his survival with Law not fully reattaching his body tells Okiku to hang on. Unfortunately this consistent flaw of One Piece rears its head again and yet another death that would've done wonders for the story is overturned.

However, Okiku is covered in blood and seemingly unconscious on the floor, and that’s not the only problem. We discover Kanjuro is still alive and Orochimaru is trying to talk to Kanjuro. Once establishing contact, Orochimaru asks Kanjuro to ensure the demise of everyone on Onigashima which Kanjuro happily obliges by creating Kazenbo, a giant fire painting made with Kanjuro’s Devil Fruit powers.

We then get shots of Kazenbo raging and glimpses of what everyone is currently up to on Onigashima, before zeroing in on Yamato’s journey to the armory. After a short monologue by Yamato, we see Big Mom launch an Ikoku Sovereignty (a move seen used by Big Mom and others throughout One Piece) in the direction of Law and Kid.

Big Mom's Ikoku Sovereignty as seen in the anime's Whole Cake Island arc (Image via Toei Animation)
Big Mom's Ikoku Sovereignty as seen in the anime's Whole Cake Island arc (Image via Toei Animation)

Awakened Devil Fruits make their shocking return

Shifting focus from Yamato into the Law and Kid vs Big Mom fight, we see Big Mom focusing on Kid before we go into a mid-battle conversation flashback with Kid and Law.

Kid asks Law if he can Awaken his Devil Fruit yet, which Law confirms but says it takes so much energy he’d have to be near-death for it to be worth using. Kid confirms he can also Awaken but is in the same situation as Law before emphasizing that they’re out of options at this point.

Law distinctly says “Kroom” instead of his normal “Room” when activating his Devil Fruit which is presumably the distinction from a normal use vs an Awakened use.

Law then stabs Big Mom, emphasizing the incision is harmless, but Kroom will affect her body in different ways, finally hitting her with a Shock Wave setting up Kid’s contribution.

Interestingly enough, Kid rushes at and tells Big Mom she could use some more magnetism. While it’s obvious here that Kid’s Awakened abilities allow him to magnetize objects in his environment, the implication here is that Law’s Awakened abilities also deal with magnetism or some other force of attraction.

Waiting for the official One Piece translation is best before further speculation, but it’s an interesting translation choice with implications worth noting.

In the final page, Kid asks Law to get him away from Big Mom, to which Law says “don’t tell me what to do” before obliging. This is a great reference to how throughout One Piece, the trio of Law, Luffy, and Kid have always hated getting orders from the other two since they first met.

Kid then hits Big Mom with a Punk Crash, sending Kaido and Big Mom’s subordinates scurrying away and ending the chapter.

The implications from this One Piece chapter are extremely vast, the main implication being that if Law and Kid are able to Awaken their Devil Fruit abilities then surely Luffy can too.

After all, if One Piece has made anything clear during Wano, it's that Luffy is the man who will one day find the One Piece and be King of the Pirates.

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