"It's a shame": Owner of car rental company exposes Austin McBroom of the ACE Family for allegedly failing to pay her $7,500

Image via Instagram/Theacefamily
Image via Instagram/Theacefamily

Austin McBroom and the ACE Family are not ahead of their alleged legal battles. On July 7, Instagram user pamsophia_ posted a long text on her story explaining a recent situation with Austin McBroom.

In the text, she states that McBroom, patriarch of The ACE Family, allegedly rented two exotic cars from her company but "has yet to pay us". In the next slide of the Instagram story, she depicts an invoice that shows Austin McBroom's name and the two cars he rented.

All other information has been blacked out, including McBroom's phone number and his payment method.

The owner of the rental car company stated that Austin McBroom allegedly failed to pay $7,500 for the two rentals for a total of five days.

This follows the ACE Family's other alleged lawsuits between McBroom's company Ace Hat Corporation, social media company Subify, and construction company Ahern Rentals.

Catherine McBroom is also allegedly facing legal trouble with business partners over her skincare brand, 1212 Gateway.

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Evidence against Austin McBroom and ACE Family

The owner of Luxe Rentals came forward with more evidence regarding Austin McBroom's behavior during the time of the rental.

Originally, many comments showed concerned about the company's reaction its first celebrity customer. User pamsophia_ stated:

"Until you're in the situation for the first time it is hard to know what to do and how to handle these types of clients.. But from now on.. celebrity, president, whoever is paying first."

Her text posts were then reposted by various accounts, each tagging Austin McBroom for his response after he began ignoring the company's phone calls and text messages.

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The evidence continued with the owner sharing alleged text messages with Austin McBroom. In an alleged text, McBroom stated:

"I ain't running no where lol"

The owner then shared a few alleged screenshots and statements made by McBroom and his security, with some mentioning that the owners were "little b--ches" for being scared of losing ten thousand dollars.

Since the rental owner has come forward on July 7, Austin McBroom also shared his dispute of rumors involving an alleged eviction. This along with the three lawsuits involving the parents of the ACE Family were recently shared on Twitter. Many netizens have commented on the unfortunate situation for the children.

Neither Catherine nor Austin McBroom have come forward to dispute these allegations.

In a recent update, the owner of the rental company retracted her statement, mentioning that she was "unaware that he gave [them] promo in exchange for cars".

The owner then called it a misunderstanding and thanked many users for their concern for the situation.

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