Gina Carano's firing was reportedly being planned by Disney executives since November 2020

(Image via Sportskeeda)
(Image via Sportskeeda)

Gina Carano's firing was on the cards since November 2020, according to recent reports. Disney executives were apparently concerned after the actress voiced her support for election transparency last year.

According to WDW Pro, Carano's Instagram post was used as a smokescreen to hide other underlying issues.

WDW Pro stated that Carano's firing was inevitable. Lucasfilm was apparently waiting for the actress to make another misstep. This would give the company a reason for laying her off.

Since Carano made no such misstep until recently, the producers cited the Instagram post as the main reason behind the firing.

Carano being fired could also mean the end for Disney's upcoming show "Rangers of the New Republic." Rangers of the New Republic was announced on December 10, 2020, as a standalone show for Cara Dune, the character played by Gina Carano.

How Gina Carano's firing affects Disney

Having displayed notable performances in globally renowned franchises like Deadpool and the Fast and Furious, Gina Carano had proved her mettle as an actress. There was no reason to doubt her casting choice at the time, and follow up a series with her as a lead seemed bound for success.

Her recent statements left a black mark on Disney, and a decision had to be made ultimately. Carano being fired from Disney leaves the future of their upcoming series in jeopardy. Despite her comments, fans identify her as Cara Dune now.

There's one aspect to this story that doesn't add up, though. If Carano's firing was on the cards since November, it would be strange for Disney to announce a stand-alone show for Carano. It would also upset the investors who've funded Disney for the said project.

Disney has also apparently damaged its relationship with Carl Weathers, according to WDW Pro's reports. Weathers was set to star in this new series.

There are now rumors that Rangers of the New Republic will be scrapped altogether. Disney is yet to release an official statement regarding the same.

Disney has been facing a ton of backlash on the internet since the incident. Some fans are threatening to cancel their subscriptions. It's also brought the company's stance on religious persecution in China (in reference to Mulan's credits scene) into question again.

The larger issue is that Disney hasn't been making strong decisions, and fans are holding it accountable for the same. Disney will have to be careful that incidents like this aren't repeated.

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