Secrets of Spain release date, cast, and time on Cooking channel

Gioconda Scott from Secrets of Spain (Image via Instagram/@giocondascott)
Gioconda Scott from Secrets of Spain (Image via Instagram/@giocondascott)

The Cooking Channel will premiere a brand new series titled Secrets of Spain. George and Gioconda Scott, the English siblings, will be introduced to viewers. They will set off on a journey to explore Andalucia, a region in southern Spain. It is rich in gastronomic history.

Gioconda is a chef and restaurateur, while her brother George is an olive oil vendor and an adventure guide. After growing up in rural areas of Spain, they have a fond love for both the region and its cuisine. Apart from celebrating the local cuisine, the siblings also cook alongside people who make Andalucia a popular culinary destination.

The official synopsis for the forthcoming series titled Secrets of Spain reads:

"English siblings George and Gioconda Scott travel through Andalucia, a region in southern Spain with a rich gastronomic history, in new special Secrets of Spain. Chef and restaurateur Gioconda, and her olive oil purveyor and adventure guide brother, George, grew up in the Spanish countryside and share a passion for food and Spain."

It continues:

"From the river to the sea, Gioconda and George bring viewers along for every roadside excursion and delectable bite as they spotlight unexpected, off the beaten path places to experience the best food in the region.From surprisingly gourmet, gas station delicacies to tapas enjoyed with music and dancing, the Scotts celebrate local food traditions, and cook and eat along with the people that make Andalucia a culinary destination."

With little to no time left for the forthcoming Cooking Channel series to premiere, here's everything you need to know about Secrets of Spain.

Secrets of Spain, featuring English siblings Gioconda and George, will premiere on March 20, 2023 only on Cooking Channel

Secrets of Spain season one, featuring English siblings Gioconda and George, will air its pilot episode on Monday, March 20, 2023, at 10 pm ET/ 9 pm CT only on the Cooking Channel. For viewers who lack access to cable TV, the episode can be streamed live on YouTube TV as it airs if they have a valid subscription and log in details.

During their travels this season, George and Gioconda will meet the award-winning Iberico ham carver. Based on the official description, they will learn:

"About its origins and the artisanship involved in presenting this special dish. A visit to a cloistered convent yields a sweet treat with roots dating back to the 1300s, freshly picked new potatoes are a popular menu item, and a pop-up salt bake by Gioconda celebrates cooking customs that help to savor every bite."

When it comes to social media, Gioconda has just over 11k followers on Instagram. Meanwhile, George also has the same number of followers on his Instagram profile. Gioconda wrote an emotional post about the show and thanked their mother for raising them in such an "incredible country" on her social media account before the season premiere.

Secrets of Spain will premiere on the Cooking Channel on Monday night. Readers can check your local listings for more information.

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