“She is baiting views”: Ludwig explains how Amouranth tricks her audience to appear "more sexual" on live stream

Amouranth was recently accused by Ludwig of "milking views" during a hot-tub stream.
Amouranth was recently accused by Ludwig of "milking views" during a hot-tub stream.
Rishabh B.

Twitch streamer Ludwig Ahgren recently accused Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa of baiting views and hilariously called her the “smartest streamer of all time.”

Amouranth is often accused of hosting overtly sexual streams, and has hosted a number of “hot-tub” streams in recent weeks. Ludwig played a clip from one of her hot-tub streams, where Amouranth wrote the names of new subscribers on a floaty.

The floaty was shaped like the pickle version of the character “Rick” from popular animated TV series, “Rick and Morty.” When Amouranth was done writing the names, she decided to slowly rub them off using a small cloth.

This irked Ludwig, who expressed his impatience with Amouranth’s slow method of removing the names. However, it turned out that Amouranth had another floaty of the exact kind, which led to a hilarious rant from Ludwig.

Ludwig hilariously explains why Amouranth is the “smartest streamer of all time”

During a recent live stream, Ludwig played a previous clip from when he was watching Amouranth’s hot-tub stream. However, Ludwig was not happy with the amount of time she was taking to rub off the names she had written on the floaty.

“She whips out her pickle Rick where and she has this thing where if she gets subs, she will write your name on the floaty, the pickle rick floaty, okay? So we’re watching her do this and then, I’m like getting upset, I am getting mad because I’m like Amouranth, this is slow as f**k.”

Ludwig commented on the fact that she was using only an “old, raggedy cloth” and said that he ended up urging her to find a “faster method” on her Twitch chat. However, it turned out that Amouranth had another “clean” floaty all the while, which she decided to pick up as soon as Ludwig called her out. This seemed to both impress and annoy Ludwig.

“She laughs, goes out of frame, and this is why Amouranth is the smartest streamer of all time. She has a second f**king pickle Rick. She has two floaties! She wipes of the floaty slowly and stupidly on stream just to appear more sexual. She is Martha Stewart-ing us, she has the final product ready. I was losing my mind. I was like do it faster find a better method. No, she is milking views!”

Ludwig was stunned to see that Amouranth had another floaty and accused her of deliberately trying to be sexual. Of course, this is not a new allegation that has been placed against Amouranth. The content creator/streamer has come under scrutiny for her recent hot-tub streams that have been said to be “overtly sexual” by a majority of the Twitch community.

Amouranth announced on May 18th that Twitch suspended advertising on her account after her content was deemed not "advertiser-friendly.""

Edited by Nikhil Vinod
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