Who was Sofia Cheung? All about the Instagram influencer who tragically fell to her death while taking a waterfall selfie 

(Image via Instagram/ hike.sofi)
(Image via Instagram/ hike.sofi)

Instagram influencer, Sofia Cheung, username @hike.sofi, recently died after falling sixteen feet off a cliff in Hong Kong on July 10th.

Her latest Instagram post on July 9th showed Cheung sitting with a boogie board near beach waters. The caption read: "Better Days are coming. They are called: Saturday and Sunday."

At the age of thirty-two, Sofia Cheung was best known for her scenic Instagram posts about traveling, exploring, hiking and daring landscapes. Reportedly, Cheung visited Hong Kong with friends and traveled to the waterfall at Tsing Dai stream before she lost her footing and fell into the deep water below.

Friends called emergency services and first responders arrived on the scene where they took Sofia Cheung to the Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital in Chai Wan, Hong Kong. She was declared dead upon arrival.

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Sofia Cheung's fans respond to her death

Sofia Cheung had over six thousand followers at the time of her passing. She previously listed hiking, kayaking, exploring, outdoor activities and photography as her main passions. At the time of her passing, Sofia Cheung had 97 posts on her Instagram page, many of them tagged in Hong Kong.

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On her latest Instagram post, many fans of Cheung's content began commenting with heartfelt condolence messages. At the time of the article, over 700 users commented "rest in peace" on Sofia Cheung's recent post.

One user commented:

"I thought better days are coming with Saturday and Sunday? I will miss your chat every day. I love you always. Rest in peace my pretty Sofia."

Another user commented:

"Though we met once, I will miss you, the way how you insist perfect. RIP. Sophi."

A third user commented:

"Deepest condolences to your family and loved ones, RIP."

At the time of the article, neither Sofia Cheung's family nor friends had come forward in regards to her passing. Many have offered condolences to Cheung's family and friends as they deserve respect during this time.

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