South Park: Teaser of COVID-19 themed episode is already offending people

Image Credits: Amazon
Image Credits: Amazon

A few days ago, the South Park official Twitter channel announced an hour-long special episode dedicated to the COVID-19 pandemic. The announcement was made on 25th August, and the episode will be aired tomorrow - the 30th of September, at 7 pm ET. On 25th, a teaser, which appeared to mock shopkeepers who've used the pandemic to make more money, was released.

In the past, South Park has seen a multitude of morality-related episodes, and sometimes, questionable takes on some issues. However, the show is actually known for it's dark, satirical humor on a wide range of real-life topics, and has received several accolades for it's efforts in the past.

The show’s original release was back in August 1997, and it follows the life of four boys living in a fictional town in central Colorado. The announcement indicated an hour-long pandemic special episode - one that even before release, has already offended quite a few people.

South Park COVID-19 Pandemic episode is already offending people, and its not even out yet

The announcement has led to quite a few people demanding that the episode not be aired at all. Furthermore, according to, South Park’s past takes on various issues of dire importance, have been problematic in the past.

This includes homophobia, the lack of the ‘race’ aspect in a ‘police brutality’, and various other incidents. However, it must be taken into account that South Park is merely a TV show, and that it has no responsibility to be a portrayal of the ‘real world’, or indeed, an ‘ideal world’. The show was created to be satirical - something that it does quite successfully.

South Park's occasional utilisation of problematic characters with outdated thoughts, is solely to expose the ridiculousness of those actions or thought processes, which in turn discourages people from taking up similar stances. The show is watched primarily by people who are trying to have a good laugh, and it should only be perceived with that viewpoint.

However, this did not stop people from wanting the episode to not be aired, as you can see below.

Image Credits: South Park, Twitter
Image Credits: South Park, Twitter

You can also watch TheQuartering;’s video on the matter below.

Edited by Nikhil Vinod