Summit1g has a Twitch retirement plan that will earn him money without doing much

Summit1g talked about his retirement plan concerning Twitch streaming.
Summit1g talked about his retirement plan concerning Twitch streaming.

Twitch streamer Jaryd “Summit1g” Lazar was recently asked about the future of his streaming career and his retirement plans.

The 33-year old American streamer was engaging with his viewers on Twitch when one of them asked about his retirement. Fans wanted to know when he'll call it quits on streaming.

Summit1g explained that his channel wouldn't exist if he stops streaming. That'll mean losing all his subscribers and followers. It wouldn't make sense for him to stop right now.

However, Summit1g did mention that he could easily find another streamer to replace him on the channel. He stated that he would like someone funny to take his place, and have no qualms about splitting the revenue in half.


Twitch streamer Summit1g has a retirement plan

He stated that it does not make sense for him to stop streaming on Twitch from a business perspective.

“When you stop streaming; all the streaming is gone, all the subs are going to go down to zero, right? The channel is just gonna get kaputed, the money stops right?”

Summit1g has been streaming on Twitch since 2012. For a limited time in 2018, he had the largest following on Twitch. It's not surprising to see why he wants to continue enhancing his legacy.

“When you think about it from a business perspective, why would I ever just stop streaming, right? Why wouldn’t I just hire people that I thought were funny to take over the broadcast and just have a contract that splits it 50-50. Everything you stream on my channel, we split it right down the middle. You know what I mean? It will get somebody’s career off the ground. It will be continuously making some revenue, and it will continuously give you some entertainment. Its weird to me that people will just sign out one day, and be done, you know?”

While Summit1g certainly makes sense, his viewers might not think the same way. His unique personality and ability to engage with his viewers has garnered him a lot of fame over the years. To get someone to replace him will be a real challenge, although the proposition does make a lot of sense.

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