'The Baby-Sitters Club' Season 2 ending explained: A happy ending after all (Spoilers)

Still from Netflix's The Baby-Sitters Club (Image via Netflix)
Still from Netflix's The Baby-Sitters Club (Image via Netflix)

The latest season of Netflix's tween dramedy The Baby-Sitters Club premiered today and made the world realize that there's nothing better than true friendships.

The second installment of the show focused on the main characters' friendships, the new school year, their growing business, welcoming new members to the club, and their personal journeys. The Baby-Sitters Club not only covered the character storylines but also focused on their personal growth and the proper representation of their personalities, along with how the characters deal with everyday nuances.

'The Baby-Sitters Club' Season 2: Ending explained

Note: This article contains spoilers

The Baby-Sitters Club, welcomed new members and carefully explored each character's personality to portray both the good and the bad of being a young teen.

The season finale of The Baby-Sitters Club opens with Kristy recalling the things her family remembers and learning that she once won the Stonybrook Baby Parade as a baby. Her mother urges her to be a part of the 80th anniversary of the event with one of the floats.

Kristy also finds out that The Baby-Sitters Club also knows about the parade as well, and Claudia wants them to make a float of their own. With all this preparation and joy going around, Kristy learns that her father is coming to town and will be present at the parade. An unlikely and tough situation for her mother turns into an optimistic one for Kristy as she wishes to impress her father with her BSC float.

Still from Netflix's The Baby-Sitters Club (Image via Netflix)
Still from Netflix's The Baby-Sitters Club (Image via Netflix)

Towards the end, Kristy wishes to hear her mother's thoughts on her decision to see her father, and her mother is okay with it as she wants her children to be happy. This moment of happiness takes a different turn when Watson gets mad about Kristy's father's selfishness, and Kristy's friends make her feel bad by reminding her that parents are supposed to be there for their children. The episode ends with Kristy's real father deciding not to see her and Watson adopting her along with her siblings.

The very last moment of The Baby-Sitters Club is something that would bring tears of joy to one's face after seeing and experiencing Kristy's struggle. The show concludes with different arcs given to the other characters too. The final scene has the girls walking off with the adults into the distance, ready for the parade and hopeful for the future.

The Baby-Sitters Club Season 2 is now streaming on Netflix.

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