The Conjuring 4: Tentative release date, what to expect, cast, plot, and more

The Warrens return: Unveiling the secrets of The Conjuring: Last Rites (Image via Warner Bros)
The Warrens return: Unveiling the secrets of The Conjuring: Last Rites (Image via Warner Bros)

In a revelation at CinemaCon in April 2023, it was announced that The Conjuring 4 has taken on the eerie title: The Conjuring: Last Rites. While the anticipation builds for the new movie, it was also unveiled that a TV show rooted in The Conjuring universe is in the works for HBO's Max streaming service. The intertwining of the fourth installment and the TV series remains a mystery.

In January 2023, James Wan, the producer who was the mastermind behind the first two movies, confirmed that a fourth movie was in the works. He stated that they tread carefully with The Conjuring films, emphasizing the need to retain the emotional depth of the Warren stories.

Wan is reportedly joining forces with Peter Safran for the production, while David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick, the brains behind the scripts of the second and third movies, is on board for The Conjuring 4.

When is The Conjuring 4 expected to hit screens?

Although the movie is official, the precise release date of The Conjuring 4 remains under wraps. Given the history of intervals between the series, one might speculate a 2024 release.

However, the ongoing writers' and actors' strikes have paused development, hinting at possible delays. For those itching for a Warrens' touch, The Nun II is currently playing in theaters, and any updates about The Conjuring 4's release will be provided in due course.

Who makes up the cast of The Conjuring: Last Rites?

Though official confirmations are pending, it would be a surprise if The Conjuring series proceeded without its mainstays, Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga, reprising their roles as Ed and Lorraine Warren. Both actors have expressed enthusiasm for future roles, with Farmiga stating her desire to continue and Wilson emphasizing his rapport with her.

Interestingly, there's a buzz around Wilson potentially wearing the director's hat this time, following his directorial venture with Insidious: The Red Door. While Wilson remains non-committal about directing The Conjuring 4, the Warren duo can be spotted in a teaser within The Nun II's credits, setting the stage for the next movie.

The return of other characters remains speculative. Although the third movie had limited crossovers, some familiar faces, such as Sterling Jerins (Judy Warren), Steve Coulter (Father Gordon), and Shannon Kook (Drew Thomas), might make appearances in The Conjuring 4. A fresh case in the movie implies an influx of new cast members besides the main characters.

Delving into the plot: What's in store?

Set after November 1981, The Conjuring: Last Rites has a trove of Warrens' real-life investigations to pick from. One standout case involves the White Lady's legend at Union Cemetery in Easton, Connecticut. Although the Warrens haven't explored this case directly, they claim to possess footage of the White Lady and even authored a book on it.

This enigmatic spirit, often spotted in pristine white attire either in the cemetery or its vicinity, has a haunting presence that offers intriguing plot possibilities for The Conjuring 4.

Filming for The Conjuring: Last Rites is on hold due to ongoing strikes. This means fans must hold their breath a tad longer for any trailers or sneak peeks.

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Edited by Upasya Bhowal
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