The King's Affection episode 14: Ji Eun returns to palace despite Dam I's rejection, rekindles dangerous romance

A still from The King's Affection (Image via KBS Drama/Instagram)
A still from The King's Affection (Image via KBS Drama/Instagram)
Paige Greene

The King's Affection episode 14 saw Ji Eun (Ro Woon) return to the palace with his father's help. Initially, his decision was met with an objection by his father, who believed that his son was too righteous to serve anyone in the palace.

He also believed that his son might be in danger if he continued to stand by the newly appointed King's side. Until this point, Ji Eun's father was unaware that the new King was not Lee Hwi but Dam I (Park Eun Bin).

After being appointed King, Dam I was also forced to marry a person selected by the Left State Councilor. Ji Eun's father also deftly handled state affairs and ensured Dam I would concentrate on starting a family and giving the country its heir.

Of course, he was not aware that it was impossible for Dam I to consummate the wedding in The King's Affection.

Ji Eun's father learns the truth about Dam I in The King's Affection episode 14

Unfortunately, even as Dam I was forced to act as the State Councilor's puppet, Ji Eun's father became suspicious of her in The King's Affection. The newly appointed King had a scar from acupuncture treatment. One that the father was not aware of.

The only possibility was if the King had received this in childhood. Ji Eun's father then remembered how Lee Hwi and Dam I's mother had safeguarded her daughter by stopping her breath for a few seconds.

This was done through acupuncture, which would leave a scar, the exact type of which the King had. However, Ji Eun's father had killed the daughter with his own arrow. How could this be possible? This, however, gave rise to suspicions, and he investigated Dam I's death.

At this time, Ji Eun decided to stay by Dam I's side to ensure that her injury from the arrow shot would heal without problems. She could not get treated by anyone in the royal pharmacy as that would lead to her identity being outed.

With Ji Eun's return in The King's Affection, she was able to get better. He also mentioned that he would not pursue her romantically and that he would stay long enough to see that her scar was healed.

However, his presence grew on Dam I, and she began to hope for more. When her injury healed and Ji Eun got ready to leave the palace, Dam I decided to express herself truthfully. She told him that she would prefer that he stay in the palace longer if he wished to. She also explained in The King's Affection that she hoped that he could stay longer.

Despite Ji Eun not intending to continue their relationship, the two couldn't help it in The King's Affection. Unfortunately, just as the two kissed, Ji Eun's father witnessed the two and realized that the King was hiding a secret that would put his son in danger.

If Lord Sangheon, Dam I's grandfather, were to learn the truth, everyone, including the King, would be in danger. Can Dam I and Ji Eun face the consequences of their decision in The King's Affection?

Edited by Ravi Iyer
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