The Real Love Boat 2022 (season 1) cast: Meet the 12 singles

The Real Love Boat
The Real Love Boat (Image via Instagram/therealloveboat)

The Real Love Boat Season 1 is set to be released on Wednesday, October 5. Featuring 12 singles, the show will provide them with the opportunity to find the love of their life while performing several tasks on a ship. However, the twist in the show is that, unlike the original show, The Love Boat, this edition is unscripted.

The show features contestants performing on Princess Cruises sailing in the Mediterranean region, hosted by Jerry O'Connell and Rebecca Romijn. In every episode, they have to perform various tasks in some of the world's most beautiful cities. Additionally, while some contestants will have to get off the ship after succumbing to elimination, some new contestants will get to board it afterward.

The official synopsis of the show reads:

"Throughout the season, Singles embark on destination dates and compete in challenges to test couples' compatibility and chemistry, while earning valuable rewards. The romantic waters will be tested when new Singles come aboard, and those who don't find a match will "Shove Off" and be left behind at port."

It further states:

"After nearly one month at sea, one winning couple will dock in the final port and take home a cash prize plus a once-in-a-lifetime trip courtesy of Princess Cruises, the series' exclusive cruise line partner."

Meet The Real Love Boat's star cast

Check out the cruise staff who will be appearing on this season of The Real Love Boat:

1) Captain Paolo Arrigo

46-year-old Captain Paolo Arrigo from Italy is a highly accomplished mariner who has spent half his career at sea. He joined Princess Cruises as a deck cadet in 1996 after serving for a year in the Italian Coast Guard.

2) Bartender Ezra Freeman

Serving on Princess Cruises since 2019, Ezra loves matchmaking. Passionate about working on cruises, the 26-year-old from the U.S. believes there is no better place to have an intense romantic experience than a cruise ship.

3) Cruise director Matt Mitcham

As a cruise director, 36-year-old Matt has been engaged in this field for the past 14 years. The cruise director, originally from Canada, found the love of his life on a cruise in 2016 and is now happily married.

Apart from the cruise staff, take a look at the 12 contestants who will appear in the premiere season of The Real Love Boat:

1) 35-year-old Michael Gonzalez from New York, N.Y. /Los Angeles, California.

2) 25-year-old Daniel Cooper from Atlanta, Ga.

3) 36-year-old Brett De Laura from Dana Point, California.

4) 24-year-old Emily Stone from Colgate, Wisc.

5) 34-year-old Brooke White from Los Angeles, Calif.

6) 33-year-old Marty Hassett from Charlotte, N.C.

7) 26-year-old Jordan Malabanane from Windsor, Ontario

8) 28-year-old Shea-Lynn Noyes from Toronto, Ontario

9) 30-year-old Forrest Jones from Houston, Texas

10) 28-year-old Nicole Wong from Vancouver, British Columbia

11) 24-year-old Nathan Kroger from Cincinnati, Ohio

12) 24-year-old Alisa Shah from San Diego, Calif.

The Real Love Boat is inspired by the scripted version of The Love Boat, which ran on ABC from 1977 to 1986. After 36 years, the makers of the show have decided to revive the show through an unscripted format.

The Real Love Boat is produced by Eureka Productions and Buster Productions. Chris Culvenor, Paul Franklin, Wes Dening, Eden Gaha, and Jay Bienstock are the executive producers for Eureka.

Viewers can watch the premiere of The Real Love Boat on October 5 at 8.00 pm ET on CBS.

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