TLC’s Extreme Sisters Episode 2: Meet Christina and Jessica, the “psychic sisters” who have “conversation without talking”

"Extreme Sisters" image via Instagram
"Extreme Sisters" image via Instagram
Modified 02 May 2021

TLC’s latest reality show, “Extreme Sisters,” is back with yet another episode. This time it involves “psychic sisters,” Christina Manning and Jessica Dunagan, 37. The official trailer for the "Extreme Sisters" episode premiered on May 2nd, 2021. It goes into the duo's history.

In the trailer for the show, the sisters shared a glimpse into the details they'll reveal in the new "Extreme Sisters" episode. "Growing up with a twin," Christina says, "you have your soulmate." They claim that their bond is so close that they become physically ill when they're apart.

The TLC "Extreme Sisters" series will also feature sisters: “One in the Same” Anna and Lucy, "The Candaces" Brooke and Baylee, "Sister Moms" Brittany and Briana, and Patrix and Patricia in other episodes.

Everything to know about the “Extreme Sisters”

Christina and Jessica’s exceptional characteristics were immediately apparent when the duo was introduced to the audience.

According to, the sisters have led parallel lives through every major life event. They got married, became pregnant, and went through divorces at the same time. Now, they live less than a mile away from each other. Jessica and Christina are single mothers who raise their kids together. They are an inseparable pair.

During an interview, Jessica said,

"We use energy to basically create our lives. You're taking energy and you're transferring it from your mind into a thought, and that into energy for your hands. And then you're putting that energy into the food before you consume it. But it's all about vibrations. Everything's vibration."

Christina added by saying that,

"We're actually intuitive together so we can feel each other's energy. So it's like telepathy for each other, but then we also can see other people's futures ... and each other's. We like to butt into each other's business a lot with our psychic abilities."

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Some personal predictions made by the "Extreme Sisters" came true, such as Christina predicting Jessica's divorce. When Jessica wanted another child, Christina warned her of an impending divorce the following year. She turned out to be right.

Jessica foresaw their mother's death. She informed her sister that their mother would succumb to cancer. Months later, that prediction came true. The sisters believe that their past is also connected somehow.

They said,

"We've lived parallel lives. So we were always married at the same time and single at the same time."

When "Extreme Sisters" began, the sisters were in different life situations for the first time. One is in a relationship while the other is not. Christina reflected on the situation and said,

"This is the first time in our life where she's remained single while I've had a relationship."

Jessica followed up by saying that,

"What makes it harder is the fact that I'm psychic and I read minds."

For Christina, striking a balance between spending time with her partner and her sister has been quite challenging. Reflecting on the situation, she said,

"So she wants to butt into my relationship, I'm trying to just have a healthy relationship with my partner and still have a relationship with my sister. And that created a lot of challenges. Plus I think that it was just really hard for us because we're so used to being inseparable and really close. And I had to share my time with my boyfriend and my sister. So that created some challenges."

"Extreme Sisters" airs on TLC Sunday nights at 10:00 p.m. ET. The first episode premiered on April 25, 2021.

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Published 02 May 2021
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