Top 5 Streamers who thought their camera was off

Image via Pokimane,
Image via Pokimane,

The streamer community is known for producing it's fair share of fails.

In addition to the content that they consciously generate, there have been several occasions when streamers have forgotten to turn their camera off. There have also been situations where they've accidentally started streaming. This has always led to some very embarrassing situations.

Although a lot of embarrassing situations do occur in real life, there's a huge difference when they occur online.

Top 5 Streamers who forgot to switch off their camera

#1 Imane "Pokimane" Anys


Pokimane is probably one of the most popular streamers in today's day and age. From Among Us to Rust, she's played it all. This incident mentioned here happened back in 2019.

She was spending some time with a group of her friends in her living room, when she strolled right across and bent down in front of the camera to pick up her cat. All of this occured without her realising that the camera was on the entire time.

#2 James Charles Dickinson


James Charles is another popular internet personality who's into gaming as well. On one occasion, they were streaming Among Us. They ended the game, but forgot that the stream was still on. James Charles went on to repeat a few lines over and over again before realising that they were still live.

#3 Turner "Tfue" Tenny


Tfue was regarded as one of the best Fortnite players and streamers to have ever played the game. One of his epic camera fails though, made him even more popular on the internet.

One time, when he was done with his daily quota of gaming, the streamer went to get dressed before going to get something to eat. Very soon, Tfue realised that he had left his stream on. He came back, shirtless, to turn off his stream. The entire incident was quite funny and can be seen in the video above.

#4 Chad Johnson


Chad Johnson, who goes by the name OMGChad, is a streamer who plays Minecraft. This particular incident happened while he was sleeping, as his cat accidentally switched on his stream. The stream ran for around 10 minutes before Chad was woken up by his friend, who told him that he was streaming.

#5 Faheem β€œT-Pain” Rasheed Najm

T-Pain is a popular American music personality and streamer who often uses his Twitch account to stream music related content. Now and again, he also plays games like Forza Horizon 4 and Overwatch.

One time however, after streaming, T-Pain was getting on with his life. However, he completely forgot to turn off his stream. The man realised his stream was on only when his friends called him up to tell him so.

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