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Top 5 strongest characters that Goku has faced in Dragon Ball Super

Image via Dragon Ball Wiki
Image via Dragon Ball Wiki
Amitesh Dhar
Modified 14 Feb 2021
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Akira Toriyama took hold of the entire world with Dragon Ball Super. The Tournament of Power was probably one of the best arcs that the anime has witnessed to date.

Over the course of Dragon Ball Super, Goku faced some incredibly powerful opponents. The end of the series set the stage up perfectly for the release of the game Dragon Ball Legends.

The RPG was developed by Bandai Namco, based on the characters from the Dragon Ball series.

The entire series was laced with a lot of strong fighters from the Dragon Ball multiverse. However, there were a few that really stood out.

Note: This list reflects the opinion of the writer.

5 Strongest characters Goku faced in Dragon Ball Super

#5 - Kefla

Kefla is the fusion form of Kale and Caulifa. The two are Saiyans from Universe 6 and gave Goku a hard time during the Tournament of Power.


Kefla's Super Saiyan form was so powerful that it shook the tournament ring. She was close to overcoming Goku before he activated his Ultra Instinct mode and evaded all her attacks.

#4 - Hit

Goku and the assassin from Universe 6 put up a really good show. During the course of the fight, Goku wanted the no killing rule to be changed so that Hit could go all out in the fight

Goku was trying to indicate that he wasn't afraid of dying. Hit is unique because he gets stronger the longer he's in battle. This made him a very formidable opponent.

#3 - Jiren


Jiren is one of the strongest opponents that Goku has ever faced. The Pride Trooper from Universe 11 pulled out all the stops when it came to battling Goku.

This fight allowed Goku to master the Ultra Instinct form, which granted him enhanced abilities. It allowed him to go toe-to-toe with Jiren in battle.

#2 - Beerus

Goku's battle with the God of Destruction "Beerus" was one of the best fights in the entire series.

Despite powering up to Super Saiyan God, Goku still had a tough time taking on Beerus. Although he didn't break into a sweat when taking on Goku, Beerus did admit that he had to use all his power to fight Goku.

#1 - Whis

Whis is the God of Destruction Beerus' Guide Angel Attendant.

Goku didn't really go head-to-head with Whis. He was just sparring with the entity along with Vegeta. Despite facing two really powerful Saiyans, Whis handled both of them effortlessly.

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