Top 5 Worst Decisions in David Dobrik Vlogs

David Dobrik (Image via YouTube)
David Dobrik (Image via YouTube)

As one of the most viewed content creators on YouTube, David Dobrik amassed a huge subscriber base and view count. He created a variety of vlogs and had a good sense of humor that his audience appreciated.

Some of these vlogs would eventually raise a few issues for David Dobrik, and over the years the YouTube creator has had many controversial moments in his vlogs. In fact, some of the creation of his content resulted in misconduct allegations in 2021.

Here are the Top 5 Worst Decisions in David Dobrik's vlogs.

5. Dangerous stunts


The motorcycle stunt starring Vlog Squad member Jonah, whose real name is Nick Antonyan, almost resulted in him sustaining serious injuries. The stunt shows Jonah riding a motorcycle over a backyard swimming pool, but almost completely overshooting the pool and landing on the concrete.

David’s audience has always noticed his knack for dangerous stunts. Rather it be these motorcycle bits, his alleged excavator incident, or skydiving scenes, fans of David acknowledge that his carelessness puts him and the rest of the Squad at extreme risk.

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4. Fat jokes


Jonah has been the butt of a lot of David Dobrik’s fat jokes. Although fans of his deem it as “lighthearted humor”, many others who have watched his videos recently after his allegations have realized that these jokes have been seriously overlooked. Coming off as highly insensitive, David Dobrik will always be known for trying to entertain his audience by teasing his friends' appearances.

3. Objectifying Women Jokes


David Dobrik has had his share of popular female celebrity appearances in his vlogs. In fact, a few of those appearances are what got his vlogs millions of views. For example, women such as Liza Koshy, Kylie Jenner, Nicole Scherzinger and more have made their appearances.

However, what many seem to skip over are the countless sexist jokes made in most of the vlogs. From sexually objectifying other members of the Vlog Squad such as Corinna Kopf in the video above, to allegedly ruining relationships such as the one between Trisha Paytas and Jason Nash, David has always had a soft spot for female objectification in his vlogs.

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2. Extreme Pranks


A popular emotion David Dobrik enjoyed including in his videos was fear or shock from his friends. From animal pranks to downright vicious pranks on his own friends, David has always added a shock factor to his videos. Unbeknownst to him, they would later come back to ruin his career.

One of the most infamous instances of David's extreme pranks would be the video from 2017, where David and Jason “prank” Seth Francois. This “prank” was actually alleged sexual assault done by Jason upon the direction of David. This sparked controversy and David has been under fire since.

The #1 Worst Decision ever made in David Dobrik's vlogs

1.Provocative content


Throughout his YouTube career, David Dobrik has made an effort to make his videos as entertaining as possible. Albeit, carelessly. Much of his content has matured throughout the years, even featuring strip clubs and other mature content.

The provocative content did not sit well with many of his fans, as most of them were still underaged. Looking back now, former fans agree that the quality of his content has gone down ever since his career has taken off.

Will David Dobrik return to vlogs in the future?

Following his most recent misconduct allegations, David Dobrik took to YouTube to create two apology videos. His initial video was very poorly received as it was not on his main channel, and he seemed to skim over the public issues without apologizing to the victims.


His second video was more widely accepted and ended with him mentioning his hiatus. As he almost didn't vlog at all during 2020 due to the pandemic, hardcore fans were upset to see him go.

After former Vlog Squad member Jeff Wittek revealed that he had been injured during the filming of an alleged vlog taping, it has been speculated that David Dobrik will not be returning to the platform for a while.

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