Top 5 YouTubers that left the platform abruptly

From left to right: Zoe Sugg, Jenna Marbles, Lucas Cruikshank, Liza Koshy, and Ray William Johnson (Image via Instagram/ zoesugg, lizakoshy, jennamarbles, lucascruikshank, raywilliamjohnson)
From left to right: Zoe Sugg, Jenna Marbles, Lucas Cruikshank, Liza Koshy, and Ray William Johnson (Image via Instagram/ zoesugg, lizakoshy, jennamarbles, lucascruikshank, raywilliamjohnson)

Being a YouTuber, like most other jobs, is not a well-structured career. Since its creation in 2005, thousands of content creators have cycled through the platform. While some have stood the test of time before retiring, others have faded away. Sometimes in a blaze of glory. But mostly in silence.

Following the death of Vine, YouTube saw its first major migration. Thousands of content creators poured into the platform. A second wave was observed with the boom of TikTok. The new wave of content displaces the old, and what was once popular might not have retained the same charm years later. Hence, content creators are under a lot of pressure to diversify and keep evolving. Else they face the wrath of irrelevance.

But content creators also chose to walk away from the platform for several reasons. Sometimes their careers outside YouTube take off, and they don't see the point of returning to the platform full-time. This article dives into five content creators who have left the platform entirely or have abandoned the main channel that drove them to stardom.

Taking a trip down YouTube memory lane

1) Zoe Sugg

Zoe Sugg, better known as her YouTube name Zoella, began posting videos in 2009. During her career on her main channel, the YouTuber amassed over 11 million subscribers, with her content focusing on fashion, beauty hauls, and her favorite products from previous months.

Her channel received over 540 million visits at the time in September 2015. However, the YouTuber quickly abandoned her main channel to move onto her second channel, MoreZoella, which focused mainly on vlogging.

Zoe Sugg has been in a relationship with fellow YouTuber Alfie Deyes since 2012. In March 2021, the couple announced they were expecting their first child in September.

2) Liza Koshy

Koshy, best known for her sketch comedies and previously associated with Vlog Squad, became the "fastest YouTube personality to reach ten million subscribers" in 2017.

She's from Vine, where she amassed seven million followers before the app was defunct. Notably, in 2016, Koshy interviewed former US President Barack Obama. She took a break from making videos in 2018 to pursue full-time acting and television hosting. But Koshy returned to posting new videos in 2019.

3) Ray William Johnson

YouTuber Ray William Johnson, also known as Your Favorite Martian, was known for Equals Three's web series. His channel amassed 10 million subscribers and over two billion views before Johnson abandoned the series in 2014.

The YouTuber began branching out to other social media platforms. His Instagram page features short videos of content, a homage to his former web series.

4) Lucas Cruikshank

Cruikshank, better known as Fred Figglehorn, became wildly popular in 2006 for playing a fictional six-year-old with a very high-pitched voice. In 2009, his channel called "Fred" became the first to have over one million subscribers.

Cruikshank created three Nickelodeon movies based on Fred in 2009. They were "Fred: The Movie," then "Fred 2: Night of the Living Fred," and "Fred 3: Camp Fred."

He continued making YouTube videos before creating his own personal channel, "Lucas." However, he broke away from his Fred character for the vlogging channel.

5) Jenna Marbles

YouTuber Jenna Marbles, her namesake after her first dog, began posting in 2010. She was best known for her divisional video topics on how men and women pack, how men and women get ready, along with "How to Avoid Talking to People You Don't Want to Talk To."

Marbles began growing her acting career with a guest appearance on Epic Rap Battles of History as Eve from "Adam vs. Eve."

In 2020, she uploaded an apology video after being accused of blackface where she sported a dark tan pretending to be Nicki Minaj. Marbles stated it was never her intention to offend anyone, before adding that she would be taking an indefinite hiatus from her YouTube channel.

Marbles' partner, Julien Solomita, returned to Twitch streaming in July, announcing that Marbles wished to remain out of the spotlight.

This article reflects the opinions of the writer.

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