Twitch streamer "Amouranth" keeps swallowing her food without chewing and the Internet can't get enough of it

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In this article, Amouranth’s weird habit of not chewing her food before swallowing has been looked at, along with the reactions towards it from her fans.

Twitch streamer and internet personality Amouranth has, in the past, come under severe scrutiny for her brand of content. However, another habit that she gets trolled about often is the fact that people have claimed she never chews her food before swallowing it.

Be it pasta or elaborate chicken dishes, fan have often observed that she appears to never chew her food before swallowing it. Needless to say, innumerable clips and posts have cropped up on social media platforms such as Reddit, with fans not being able to wrap their head around the weird eating habit.

Amouranth doesn’t chew food before swallowing, stuns fans

Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa is a costume designer, model and entertainer who generally streams “IRL” or “Just Chatting” content on Twitch. While Amouranth sometimes plays/streams games such as Fortnite and Mario Kart 8, she spends most of her time engaging with fans and other content creators.

A firm habit that fans have noticed is that she never seems to chew her food before swallowing. Instead, she simply swallows it regardless of the texture or the food type. The internet is currently littered with innumerable clips where she can be seen eating her food without chewing at all!


The issue has been given further momentum as Amouranth has hosted multiple streams in which she acknowledges the lack of chewing. Moreover, Amouranth has even posted on Twitter teasing her fans and talking about how she literally never chews!

Hence, while the habit itself is quite awkward, fans have, at different points of time, talked about it, and Amouranth herself has acknowledged it as well. Regardless, while there couldn’t be a more personal issue than the way an internet personality chews their food, her fans haven’t been able to ignore the habit.

As can be seen in the posts, her fans and viewers find it hilarious that she does not chew her food, and have talked about it on Twitter and other social media handles for months together.

Image via Amouranth, Twitter
Image via Amouranth, Twitter

While the habit itsef is awkward, her fans have made it a deal to talk about it on Twitter and other social media platforms.

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