Twitter reacts as Mad Max: Furiosa casts Anya Taylor-Joy, Chris Hemsworth and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II

A Mad Max: Fury Road prequel is officially on its way
A Mad Max: Fury Road prequel is officially on its way

A Mad Max spin-off has officially been announced - and it's going to revolve around the badass warrior, Imperator Furiosa.

One of the most powerful female characters in recent memory is all set to get her very own movie titled 'Furiosa'.

The film is being directed by none other than George Miller himself, and will star American-born British-Argentine actress, Anya-Taylor Joy as a young Furiosa. She will be joined by the likes of Marvel's Thor aka Chris Hemsworth and Aquaman's Black Manta aka Yahya Abdul-Mateen II.

In the past, George Miller has openly spoken about the intricate backstory which a character like Furiosa possesses and he has always had an interest in delving deeper into her origins.

His interest has now officially taken the shape of an exclusive Mad Max: Imperator Furiosa film, which will serve as a prequel to 2015's Academy-Award winning Mad Max: Fury Road.

Mad Max Furiosa: Cast, Plot and more

The character of Imperator Furiosa is a strong-willed, determined and selfless rebel in Mad Max: Fury Road, who hopes for a better tomorrow amidst the desolate wasteland that surrounds her existence.

The character was portrayed fantastically by Academy-Award winning actress Charlize Theron, who helped breathe life into the character and blew fans and critics away with her visceral, moving performance of a fearsome warrior. Moreover, her chemistry with Tom Hardy's Max Rockatansky constituted the film's core, as they joined forces to take down the vicious Immortan Joe.

Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron in a still from Mad Max: Fury Road (Image Credits: IndieWire)
Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron in a still from Mad Max: Fury Road (Image Credits: IndieWire)

Now, Theron is all set to pass the mantle to 24-year old Anya-Taylor Joy, who is deemed as a rising star and a major force to be reckoned with in the industry.

She had her breakthrough role in Robert Eggers' 2015 horror movie 'The Witch', for which she won numerous accolades, even going on to be nominated in 2017 for the BAFTA Rising Star Award. She has since then starred in a eclectic range of films such as Split, Radioactive and Glass, and is all set to appear in the The New Mutants, where she portrays superhero Magik.

She will be joined by an ensemble cast which features Chris Hemsworth and Yahya Abdul Mateen II, the latter of whom recently took home the Emmy for Best Supporting Actor, for his performance as Doctor Manhattan in Watchmen.

George Miller will direct, co-write and produce the film in association with Warner Brothers Pictures and his long-time producing partner Doug Mitchell.

According to Deadline, the plot of the movie will revolve around Imperator Furiosa's early days:

"The standalone movie will reveal the origins of Furiosa. The movie will track the genesis of Furiosa before she teamed up with Max Rockatansky in Fury Road"

As soon as word got around about Mad Max: Furiosa's official announcement, the Twitterati was abuzz as several reacted to this development.

Check out some of the reactions online as users reacted to Anya Taylor-Joy's casting and more:

As is evident from the tweets above, the hype surrounding the new 'Furiosa' film is only just beginning, as fans gear up to witness the prequel, which promises to be just as exhilarating as Mad Max: Fury Road, which is one of the greatest action films ever made.

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