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Twitter relentlessly humiliates Kim Kardashian for divorcing Kanye West, say Kardashians are an exploitative family

Image via Cinema blend
Image via Cinema blend
Amitesh Dhar
Modified 20 Feb 2021

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are set to split up, but on good terms.

Their prenuptial agreement, in a way, guarantees that neither of the two individuals will be left wanting for more after the divorce. Both of them have agreed to have a joint custody of their children as well.

However, the internet didn't take kindly to this at all. For some reason, a part of the internet has resorted to humiliating Kim Kardashian for divorcing Kanye West.

Twitter relentlessly humiliates Kim Kardashian for divorcing Kanye West

The internet, for some reason, believes that the Kardashian family is exploitative, and that they were detrimental towards Kanye's health. People on the internet went on to say that Kim Kardashian divorced Kanye West because he lost in the presidential run.

And for some reason, the internet found a way to make this a racial issue as well. People went on to say that the internet was labelling Kanye West as crazy because he was a man of color.


The internet also went on to note that Kanye's tweets indicated that he wasn't happy in the marriage at all.

However, it's surprising that people on the internet label almost every controversy as a racial issue, even when it's not. There was also a major part of the internet who didn't find Kim Kardashian at fault for divorcing them.

People are alleging that Kanye West was dealing with mental health issues for a while, and Kim really tried helping him. People also went on to wish the couple luck.


There was another section of the internet that was concerned with the well being of their children. Divorces can get messy, and if children are involved, these issues tend to affect the children as well.


However, since the couple, or rather the former couple, have agreed to co-parent the children, the internet can relax knowning the fact that the children will be safe. Although co-parenting is a task at times and can get very intimidating, individuals have learnt over the years and Kim Kardashian and Kanye West should be just fine.

Published 20 Feb 2021, 19:14 IST
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