Watch: Twitch streamer confesses to crime she did not commit!

Image Credits: LivestreamFails
Image Credits: LivestreamFails

Despite its 2018 release, the murder-mystery game 'Among Us' is fast emerging as one of the biggest titles of 2020. According to Twitch Tracker, it registered more than 31 million viewer hours in August. This offering has attracted tremendous attention in recent days due to the range of possibilities, as far as streamers are concerned.

First and foremost, Among Us is incredibly fun to play, and has lots of bluffing and deduction involved. Furthermore, it is incredibly difficult to trust other gamers, and quite a lot of times, they can be left shocked when the imposters identities are revealed.

The game also does not require technical skill, and therefore, is being played by a large variety of streamer/gamers. It is easy to play and allows multiple broadcasters to play each other.

All this has resulted in 'Among Us' becoming the second-most-watched game on Twitch, lagging only behind 'League of Legends', over the last seven days. This translates to a 78% increase in viewers in comparison to the previous week, as you can see below.

Image Credits: Twitch Tracker
Image Credits: Twitch Tracker

Regardless, among the plethora of streamers playing 'Among Us' is Sweet Anita, who recently surpassed the one million-follower mark on Twitch. She is a gamer who suffers from Tourette's Syndrome, a nervous system disorder that causes people to make sudden movement and sounds, called 'tics'.

Recently, while playing 'Among Us', Anita ended up confessing something interesting.

Watch: Twitch streamer confesses to a crime she did not commit

As you can see in the video at the end of the article, a group of streamers were busy playing a match of 'Among Us'. It involves a group of four to ten players who have to complete various tasks scattered around the map. Each round has one or two imposters, whose job is to kill the entire team and sabotage the ship.

Considering the game revolves around the identity of the imposters, it was unfortunate that she ended up shouting the following:

"I am the killer!"

This led to incessant laughter from the group, while a couple of them thought that the star streamer had just confessed!

Image Credits:
Image Credits:

However, as the time to vote came, Anita defended herself and said that it was merely a tic that ended up with her confession. Furthermore, she was backed by a fellow gamer, who confirmed that she had shouted similar things in the past, which turned out to be false!

Anita then explained that her tics are rarely a reflection of her thoughts, and she habitually exclaims random, meaningless things. This was illustrated by the streamer screaming random words such as 'breakfast', which was followed by the following threat:

"I will kill you next!"

You can watch the entire clip below:

Edited by Ravi Iyer
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