"Welcome to Korea Coldplay" trends as BTS fans speculate collaboration with the K-Pop band

BTS fans are sparking rumors of a Coldplay x BTS collaboration (Image via Getty)
BTS fans are sparking rumors of a Coldplay x BTS collaboration (Image via Getty)

Twitter has been abuzz with rumors of a BTS and Coldplay collaboration as claims of Coldplay landing in Korea have surfaced.

Fans have got the phrase "Welcome to Korea Coldplay" trending in mere hours as more reports of Coldplay arriving in Korea seem to be pouring in.

The rumors began with an Instagram post made by a Korean Quarantine Support staff member who claims that he met Chris Martin.

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Coldplay x BTS rumors fly as Coldplay allegedly arrives in Korea

Raphael Rashid, a journalist, based in South Korea, tweeted the Instagram post, which states that Chris Martin has arrived in Korea, sparking speculation online as to the nature of their visit.

Other journalists chipped in as well, with a reporter from the Korea Herald retweeting the Instagram post and citing their sources.

While the post in question indicates that Chris Martin may be in South Korea, there is no mention of the rest of the band being there or any mention of a BTS collab opening up speculation on other avenues.

The spark, however, was enough to send BTS fans into a tizzy as they eagerly anticipate a Coldplay x BTS collaboration.

While the BTS fanbase campaigns for a musical collaboration between the two, the rest of the Korean Twitter seems adamant about bringing the movie "The Box" to the western band's attention and has flooded Coldplay mentions with the following tweets.

As of now, there are only two sources that state Coldplay's arrival in Korea. Fans are advised to take the information with a grain of salt and wait as more information regarding the situation surfaces.

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