What is the 'Dry Scooping' trend on TikTok? Doctors issue warning after influencer suffers heart attack 

Doctors warn teenagers about the harms of dry scooping after it trends on TikTok (Image via Shutterstock)
Doctors warn teenagers about the harms of dry scooping after it trends on TikTok (Image via Shutterstock)

Doctors across the States are now forced to warn teenagers about the dangers of “dry scooping” protein powder. The trend of consuming the undiluted powder has taken over TikTok. Following the latest trend, a social media influencer also suffered a heart attack.

Since the latest trend has taken over the video-sharing platform, “Dry Scooping” has garnered over eight million likes on TikTok.

Health practitioners have now claimed that ingesting dry powder can lead to heart and lung seizures. The dangerous trend can also lead to death.

Doctors warn teenagers about the danger of 'dry scooping'

Princeton University pediatrician Nelson Chow studied the dry scooping trend to understand the craze behind the protein consumption method. Though protein powder can be beneficial in boosting the benefits of a workout, “dry scooping” can only be a risk to one’s health.

Speaking of the latest trend, Chow said:

“The highly concentrated powder can lead to choking, accidental inhalation, over-consumption injury and death.”

He added that teenagers are ingesting the pre-workout liquid despite it being catered for those 18 years old and above. The pediatrician and his team researched into 100 TikTok videos and stated that they only found one in twelve videos instructing fitness enthusiasts on how to consume the protein powder in the right manner.

Protein powder includes a high concentration of caffeine and other substances like BCAA, L-Citrulline and Beta-alanine. The powder should be diluted to prevent health risks, but people sometimes consume the protein powder with energy drinks and alcohol, which can be extremely dangerous.

Fitness enthusiast encounters a swift brush with death after dry scooping

Briatney Portilla suffered a heart attack after dry scooping before a workout session. The TikToker explained that she consumed the powder and followed it up with water. She explained:

“I started to feel itchy in my hands and full body shortly after, and then I started sweating a lot. I started weightlifting and my chest felt slightly heavy and hurting a bit. I ignored it because I assumed it was anxiety or a panic attack and continued with my workout.”

After finishing her workout, Portilla went home experiencing nausea and developed a headache as well. She continued:

“I still decided to go to work, but at work the symptoms of heavy chest and chest pain came back but more intense. In the locker room I was sweating profusely again and my head was hurting. The pain went to my back and my left arm.”

As the pain continued to increase, the TikToker realized that she was suffering a heart attack. Portilla was then taken to hospital and diagnosed with an NSTEMI heart attack which is known to be less damaging than other heart attacks.

As the dry scooping trend continues to increase, Personal Trainer Chis Appleton said in an interview that there are “no nutritional benefits” in consuming the undiluted protein powder. He added that the only benefit one would get was a faster absorption rate. It is worth mentioning that one will lose the benefits of the powder’s taste if consumed without any liquid, according to the trainer.

Edited by R. Elahi