When will Hawkmoon come to Destiny 2?

Image via Bungie
Image via Bungie

With the Cosmodrome back in Destiny 2, it's not a surprise that players keep wondering when the Hawkmoon will arrive in the game.

For those who haven't played Destiny, and there's a chance that a lot of players might not have had played it since it was never released on PC, the Hawkmoon is an extremely powerful weapon. It was very popular in Destiny and it's finally making its way into Destiny 2.

Hawkmoon in Destiny 2: What is it?

The Hawkmoon is an exotic hand-cannon with the highest critical damage in the entire game. It's similar to any 150 RPM hand cannon in Destiny 2. But what makes this weapon stand out from the rest is its perks.

Image via Bungie
Image via Bungie

The two perks "Luck in the Chamber" and "Holding Aces" added a total of three special bullets to the current magazine which dealt higher damage. This changed the Hawkmoon into a hand-cannon that was capable of taking down guardians in just two shots.

This weapon can give players an edge in PvP modes in Destiny 2 once it arrives.

Bungie does have plans of altering the Hawkmoon in Destiny 2. In the trailer for Destiny 2: Beyond Light, the Hawkmoon is seen getting charged upon kills and then has the capability to take down guardians in one shot. This would make the hand cannon an exceptionally powerful one.


Not much is known about the quest for the Hawkmoon in Destiny 2. There's a high chance it'll be a part of Season 12. However, players may have to get the season pass to get the quest for the Hawkmoon in Destiny 2.

Till now, there's no exact date for the Hawkmoon to arrive in Destiny 2. But the weapon making it to the game eventually is a given. However, speculation suggests that the weapon might drop sometime in January 2021.

Dataminers found out that the Eververse would have ornaments for Hawkmoon sometime around mid-January.


Thus, if the ornaments are to drop in mid-January, then it's very likely that the weapon will be available at the beginning of January itself.

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