Where is Coconut Girl from Shark Tank today? Whereabouts, company worth, and more explored

Coconut Girl from Shark Tank (Image via YouTube/ ABC)
Coconut Girl from Shark Tank (Image via YouTube/ ABC)

Coconut Girl from Shark Tank was founded by Phillipaninan native Francheska Yamsuan. The Coconut Girl founder wanted to change her relationship with food and change to healthier options. She started her entrepreneurial journey in 2016 by introducing paleo-friendly ice cream sandwiches. In the first year, her company made $60,000, then $120,000 in the next year. By 2019, Coconut Girl was generating $300,000 in revenue.

Fast forward to 2024, and the company is worth an estimated $4 million, as per Techie + Gamers. According to the company's website, the products are available at several retailers across the US, including Bristol Farms, Erewhon Natural Grocer and Cafe, and Lazy Acres Natural Market, among others.

Yamsuan appeared on Shark Tank season 11 episode 14 seeking $180,000 for 18% equity, and caught Mark Cuban's attention. Cuban offered her $180,000 at 20%, to which Yamsuan agreed.

However, Coconut Girl now isn't limited to just ice cream products; it has shifted toward a clothing line. On Instagram, the company has 11.2k followers, and their most recent post is from April 30, 2024. Before the company's struggle during COVID-19, Coconut Girl was already in some stores after episode 14 aired. Yamsuan told Salesmate:

"Unfortunately, this aired right before the pandemic so as my product sold out in stores, it was not prioritized to be restocked. The attention and awareness of the brand has been a big plus."

Coconut Girl's journey on Shark Tank season 11

On Shark Tank season 11 episode 14, Francheska "Frankie" Yamsuan, an entrepreneur from Los Angeles, pitched an alternative for healthier ice cream sandwiches. Yamsuan shared that she uses natural ingredients for dairy-free and gluten-free products and has introduced a variety of unique flavors such as Beach Bum Maple, Aloha Chocolate, and Hang Loose Vanilla as a differentiation factor.

The Shark Tank entrepreneur explained she needed someone to help her with the production process as Yamsuan had been working on her own without a team. With the ice cream sandwiches in 30 food stores, Yamsuan's Coconut Girl made a total of $120,000 in sales in the first year. For $180,000 for 18% of her company, she caught Mark Cuban's interest, who was willing to invest in this category.

Cuban said:

“You know what Frankie, I’ve heard enough. I love healthy foods. It goes really, really well. I don’t even want to hear what these people have to say.”

He offered Yamsuan $180,000 for 25%, but when shark Kevin O’Leary made the same offer of $180,000 for a 20% stake, Cuban matched his offer, to which the Coconut Girl founder agreed.

After episode 14 aired, Yamsuan's business bloomed, and she was grateful to market her product to distributors and buyers. Soon after, Coconut Girl was available at Bristol Farms, Erewhon Natural Grocer and Cafe, and Lazy Acres Natural Market.

However, since Shark Tank season 11, Coconut Girls has transitioned from a sandwich ice cream company to other products, such as a clothing line. Since then, Coconut Girl Ice Cream has been named Coconut Girl Brands to expand Yamsuan's business vision and not restrict itself to only one category.

Yamsuan shared her new idea with Salesmate. She said:

"When I first started my business, my business was called Coconut Girl Ice Cream. But I changed it to Coconut Girl Brands so I can expand my products. Anything that is in the healthy lifestyle industry because I am so passionate about that and would love to see my business grow there."

To see Coconut Girl's journey on Shark Tank, stream season 11 episode 14 on streaming platforms such as ABC, Hulu, and YouTube TV.

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