"Where's my money at?" Snoop Dogg reminds Dana White of their $2 million bet after Jake Paul's victory

Snoop Dogg intends to collect on his bet that he placed on Jake Paul (image via Sportskeeda)
Snoop Dogg intends to collect on his bet that he placed on Jake Paul (image via Sportskeeda)

With Jake Paul vs Ben Askren done and dusted, Snoop Dogg now intends to collect the winnings from his wager with Dana White.

Snoop Dogg placed a million-dollar bet on Paul's victory in response to UFC President White trash-talking the YouTube star and placing a million-dollar bet on Ben Askren winning.

With Paul emerging victorious, his backer Snoop Dogg is out to collect the wager winnings. The rap legend was present ringside at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta and watched the bout go down live.

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Snoop Dogg calls out Dana White, demands his 2 million dollar bet winnings after Jake Paul's victory

During the post-match interview, Snoop Dogg reminded White about the bet saying, "Where my money at?"

The rapper can be seen almost tasting victory leading up to the knockout as he repeatedly mentions, "get my mother*****g money Jake" while Askren stumbled.

"I hope you can bet on this thing, cause I’ll bet a million dollars that he loses this f*cking fight. Bet a million dollars that he loses this fight. I hope we can bet on this.” - Dana White

Snoop Dogg was so confident in Paul's chances that he offered to double White's million-dollar bet on Askren. He said,

"Hey, Dana White, I see you got faith in your boy right (Ben Askren) going up against my guy Jake, you say you got a million? You the CEO of UFC man you got more than that put up 2. Put up 2 and we'll match it."

With Paul crowned the victor, Snoop Dogg seems determined to collect his winnings as he isn't relenting on the reminders to White and Askren yet.

For now, fans will have to wait and see how Askren and White respond to these demands from Snoop Dogg.

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